31 in 31 – “Horror and Hamsters”

“Why’d you take us to the basement?… I mean, the back door was RIGHT THERE!”

Story: Victoria wants to make a horror anthology! Her brother Ray wants hamsters to be in it. Mom says they have to work together…and roll film!

Scares: Not really, though the FX in a few of the horror vignettes are not too shabby and may freak out n00bs.

Splat factor: A bit of obviously fake blood and assorted parts (human, not hamster) sometimes make the scene.

Closing scene “shocker”?: Just wrap-around final scene with siblings Victoria and Ray…and Dumptruck the hamster.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: This blend? Original.

Trick or Treat?: This horror-comedy anthology is absolutely bonkers, as you’d expect from the title. If you can’t decide between spooky stories, giggles, or adorable hamsters? Well, you no longer have to choose, you can have it all! Take that, everybody who’s ever said I’m crazy. I’m not crazy! NOT. CRAZY.

Here at H&H, individual horror tales are about five to ten minutes apiece, with short hamster tidbits in-between. The hamster bits aren’t horror themed though; think of the Puppy Bowl, but with hamsters, and not as much sporty stuff. Hamster stars Chicken, Porkchop, and Dumptruck are just too adorable, and let’s face it, “Fluffy Butt Cam” is the best!

But while the hamster bits may look familiar, this isn’t by the Hello Denizen gang on YouTube. This is a different gang, but the same kind of cuteness. I’m astonished at how they’re able to get these fluffy girls to hit their marks… But I guess sunflower seeds are a powerful motivation. I can dig it.

Meanwhile, the spooky stories are a mixed bag; some are funny, others are bloody, and then there are a few WTF ones every anthology seems to have. (Except for Trick ‘r Treat, that one’s practically perfect.) These tales aren’t not very memorable, mostly thanks to super brief time they’re on screen, but the fun the performers are having with their scenes make up for it. I did really enjoy the supernatural take on hookup apps in the final story, as I love a good twist. And cool body jewelry.

Just don’t make the mistake that the cute hamsters mean the horror stories are tame. There’s blood, boobies, and body parts unattached from their owners. Turning this one on for the kiddies is not a good idea. Unless you dig having lots of conversations about adult topics while young ones sleep in bed with you. Make those checks out to Therapy, y’all.

I didn’t mind the mix of cuteness and horror hijinks in H&H. It works, in an off – kilter, guerilla film-making kinda way. This is an easy one to watch; you can tune in for a few stories/bits of hamster fun, and then watch more later. Or let it all unspool as a last movie before you turn in. Enjoy the horror, and let the hamsters soothe. Let me know how those dreams turn out.

Score: 3.5 out of 5 pumpkins.

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