TrailerWatch – “Godzilla vs Kong” looks cool but overstuffed

After the messy disappointment of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, I’ve been hopeful but wary of G’s match-up with Kong. And by the look of this trailer, it seems Warner Brothers heard the complaints about cutting away from monster-on-monster action in Monsters, and will be giving us a whole lot of smack downs in Kong. But Kong looks overly chaotic, with a whole lot of subplots vying for attention.

We’ve got a little girl who can “talk” to Kong, Kong fighting winged serpents, Millie Bobby Brown and the Monarch crew, Godzilla getting controlled by Somebody (maybe that APEX corporation briefly shown this trailer?)…and more I’m too lazy to add in here. Sounds like a whole lot. Sounds like too much. But I’ll keep an open mind til I get a look at another trailer. Meanwhile, I’ll temper my expectations and hope for the best.

Godzilla vs Kong hits theaters and HBO Max March 26th, 2021.

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