TrailerWatch – “Fire Island” is a gay “Pride and Prejudice” starring Bowen Yang? SIGN ME UP

If, like me, the title of this post had you grabbing your remote and saving this movie to your Hulu queue immediately? Did I mention Margaret Cho is here too? WOO-HOO! Synopsis!

Set in the iconic Pines, Andrew Ahn’s Fire Island is a modern-day, unapologetic rom-com showcasing a diverse, multicultural examination of queerness and romance. Inspired by the timeless pursuits from Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice, the story centers around two best friends (Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang) who set out to have a legendary summer adventure with the help of cheap rosé and their cadre of eclectic friends.

Fire Island hits Hulu on June 3rd, 2022. Beach trip without the sand in your everywhere, with a bunch of fantastic characters (and a Jane Austen vibe)? Is it June yet?

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