Pull!: my latest crop o’ comics

Hooray for a new library around the way!  Mostly because I love New Library Smell, but also because this one has a pretty damn good graphic novel section.  So I can partake of a childhood hobby without worrying that I may not be able to make my mortgage payment.  Everybody plays, everybody wins!

This is a longer list o’ reviews than what I’ll be doing regularly, but I figured I’d post what I’ve done so far over on Goodreads.  The next batch will be honest-to-goodness reviews.  Short, sweet, but first-runs.

Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Odyssey

I’ve always been a fan of Wonder Woman, but only in theory. I never could find the time to keep up with the comics. So with the reboot, I figured I would give it a spin.  I think if you’re already well versed in her story you’ll like this, but I often got the feeling that I was missing a whole lot of background info that would have made this story more clear. That said, it’s an interesting look at WW (and hey, I like the new outfit!), with a formidable Big Bad.  Plus, the art & color work is gorgeous. I’ll be grabbing Volume 2 to see if the story improves.


A fantastic premise (why had no one done this before?) carried out brilliantly. The artwork is well done, and the story is believable. Yes. A superhero story is believable. Because this superhero gets the beejeebuz beat out of him. Regularly.  Fans of the movie need to know that this graphic novel is definitely not as sweaky clean as the movie. (Though I would have loved to have seen Nic Cage portray *this* Big Daddy.)  Highly recommend, but for strong stomachs only.

The Walking Dead, Book Two

Read this in one sitting. Mostly because I couldn’t stop, I had to know how the story played out. And as with Volume 1, it’s a doozy.  My only complaint is the art. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between characters. Oh, and I am probably the only person on the planet that HATES Michonne. Can’t stand her entitled, selfish self, and I hope she gets some real Morality Tale beatdown payback soon (though from what I have read about Season 3 of the tv series, it doesn’t seem likely. Dammit.) Even still, I gotta give it to Kirkman for creating characters and a storyline so compelling that they drew such a visceral reaction out of me.  On to the next book…

30 Days of Night: Red Snow (30 Days of Night #8)

I don’t hate this, but I don’t like it either. The pace is breakneck, which would be cool if Templesmith took the time to let readers get to know the characters. As it is, it’s a blur – literally & figuratively – of vamp action and senseless Nazi vs. Commie violence (as it probably really was back in WWII.)  I know his artwork is different, cool and new, but here the fuzzy half-sketches take away from the enjoyment of the story.

 28 Days Later Vol. 1: London Calling

Well done tie-in piece that shows readers what has happened to the UK in the wake of the infection. As with many horror tales, a group of we-can-handle-this Americans decide to go to London to get footage of the outbreak, asking survivor Selena (same character as the film) to act as their tour guide. Let’s just say that doesn’t go as planned.  This is a quick read, and definitely left me wanting more. Hope to see a full compilation of the entire graphic series soon!

Preludes and Nocturnes (The Sandman #1; issues 1-8)

“They” say that volume 1 of the Sandman series has definite growing pains. A’yup. Still, I enjoyed the interaction with Constantine. But I look forward to the amazing stories I’ve heard about that made me start this series. Bonus points for Death, always a pleasure to see her (loved The High Cost of Living).


The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks

What could have been a one-off throwaway piece is instead a well researched piece of alt-history horror. Well researched? Yeah. Max Brooks obviously did his research when he wrote this (as he did with World War Z), and the bits of historical accuracy makes the fantasy feel like something they forgot to cover in school instead of a bit of undead storytelling.  The only problem with this book? I wanted more stories! Here’s hoping a sequel is in the works.

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