One Sentence Reviews

More!  Because yay for lazy!  And it’s kind of a challenge to nutshell my thoughts into a single sentence.  But mostly yay for lazy!

I may do an all-Christmas movie post, seeing as how there are approximately 7.2 trazillion holiday movies on various chick-like tv channels (Hallmark, Lifetime, OWN, etc., etc.)  Plus, I love me a theme.  Any theme.

Geek Charming: what starts off as a clunky teen (made for tv movie) turns into a (smart) look at the ebb and flow of high school popularity, and the healing powers of friendship and love (aww.)

Repo! The Genetic Opera: Hey, they’ve got Tony Head & Sarah Brightman singing addictively catchy tunes, but read the plot on Wiki first to really enjoy the weird camp.

Curiosity, “How evil are you?”: A fascinating look at the biological and sociological underpinnings of evil, with Eli Roth (director of Hostel) as a test subject.

The Walking Dead, “Pretty Much Dead Already”: Amazing “mid-season finale” for this top-notch series, but DON’T use this as a jump-in point ’cause you’ll hate yourself later.

Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas: How Debbie wasn’t sued for plagiarism over this lackluster ripoff of The Holiday is beyond me.

Sanctuary, “Fugue” (Season 4, #8):  Think of this mystery/musical – that works well as a stand-alone – as “Once More With Abnormals“.

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2 Responses to One Sentence Reviews

  1. Jo Dru says:

    Trading Christmas is based on Macomber’s book When Christmas Comes…which was published years before The Holiday. If anything she should sue. Do your homework before making stupid comments.


    • Thanks for the info — for anyone who is interested, When Christmas Comes came out in 2004, The Holiday opened years after that, in 2006. Still, this film adaptation is insipid. The book may be better, but after watching this version I’ll pass.


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