Superbowl Teaser Trailers: what ruled, what sucked.

God I love the Superbowl.  All that food, the party, the commercials…and yeah, sometimes I even watch the game.  Did you see that last touchdown by the Giants?  DID YOU SEE IT?  Even a geek like me has to bow to that greatness.

Movie trailers are my number one love during the Superbowl, even beyond dieting dogs and fuzzy Chinese Crested beer-getters.  (Though you had to cheer for little Weego & the rescue website.  Or you’re dead inside.)  So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the spots for the Groovy Movies of 2012:

John Carter

Supposedly Disney wants to keep much of the 411 about this movie under wraps so moviegoers will be surprised.  With this silly, messy Prince of Persia/Clash of the Titans mashup, I’m thinking the surprise will be in store for Disney, when people avoid this film.

IMHO: Sucked, because any trailer that has me thinking “WTF?” didn’t do it’s job.

The Dictator

I think I may be the only person in the USA that didn’t care for Borat.  Yeah, I got it.  I just didn’t find it funny.  But this spot for Cohen’s newest movie makes me look forward to his tweak on crazy world leaders.

IMHO: didn’t suck.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Bruce Willis, “Just call me Joe”.  Amazing Wushu acrobatics.  Dwayne Johnson.  Brisk editing, lots of teasing without giving much away.  Sign me up!

IMHO: Did. Not. Suck.

Act of Valor

This is the one trailer that even the boys stopped to watch.  There was some discussion about real live men & women of the armed forces being in this film, which made quite a few people sit up and take notice at the Superbowl superfest I attended.

IMHO: Didn’t suck. Seriously didn’t suck.


Hey, sensing a theme here?  I am.  But far from being the silly scraping-the-dregs-of-games movie I’d feared, this looks like a really cool movie.  Plenty of Transformers-like SFX, crystal-clear cinematography with gorgeous colors?  Looks good.  Plus, with the likes of Liam Neeson, Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgård on board?  There’ll be so much pretty on screen that I’d pretty much watch this on mute if I had to.

IMHO: Ruled.

The Hunger Games

I have been doing the little Snoopy happy dance for months waiting for this movie, so when the Superbowl spot (actually the pre-game spot) came on, I wasn’t disappointed.  The Mockingjay!  Peeta!  Gale!  Prim!  Caesar!  CINNA!!!  Lenny Kravitz has said people are already stopping him for “Cinna’s autograph”.  Doesn’t surprise me a bit.  This spot has made it that much harder to wait ’til next month….


Ability to embed video for this video has been disabled by request: hit up the IGN YouTube page to see it.

The Avengers

Worth it just to see Tony Stark in a Black Sabbath t-shirt.  This teaser trailer shows everyone that this grouping of superheroes isn’t just a studio’s hubris.  This could work.  This could really, really work.  Everybody gets screen time here, though there’s only the briefest glimpse of The Hulk.  (I’m thinking the HULK SMASH will be left for moviegoers, as is just and right.)  I was drooling at the end.  Yes, that’s not typical.  Well done.

IMHO: Ruled, spiked the ball, got the ring, went to Disneyland.

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