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“Avengers: Endgame” is a fitting – and LONG – tribute to the last 10 years of the MCU

[editor’s note: this is the kind of review you get when Publish is hit while writing, rather than Draft. Still, I avoided spoilers. Go me.] “Oh. This is nice.” This movie is long. This movie feels long. And it’s 100% … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: “Avengers: Endgame” delivers a title, a poster, and the goods

“Is this thing on?” OH MAN I have all the feels with this trailer. Every single one of them. Fear, terror, happiness, joy, heartbreak, hope…Marvel did a damn good job with this one y’all. From Tony Stark in space to … Continue reading

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Superbowl Teaser Trailers: what ruled, what sucked.

God I love the Superbowl.  All that food, the party, the commercials…and yeah, sometimes I even watch the game.  Did you see that last touchdown by the Giants?  DID YOU SEE IT?  Even a geek like me has to bow … Continue reading

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