31 in 31: Gingerdead Man 3 – Saturday Night Cleaver

Story: Did you know that there’s a Scientific Research Institute for the study of Homicidal Baked Goods?  Yep.  And so when their most menacing killer, the Gingerdead Man, escapes thanks to an ill-conceived break-in by baked goods activists, he stumbles upon a time machine and gets sent back to 1976.  And it’s the final night of a roller boogie disco; how many of the contestants for Miss Roller Boogie 1976 will survive?  And how does a gingerbread man manage to slaughter so many people?

Scares: Absolutely none, unless you count seeing Adolph Hitler roller boogie.  This film is played strictly for laughs.

Splat Factor: Splat Factor:  There’s old-school wax & Karo, with some new-school CGI.  But the gory kills interrupt the campy hijinx and horror movie spoofs, so there’s never a truly scary moment in the whole shebang.

Closing Scene “Shocker”?:  Nope; in fact, there’s a happy ending!  Disco will live forever!

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: Part three of the series.  No, seriously; there’s two other Gingerdead Man movies before this one.  Really.

Trick or Treat?: It’s a treat you know you shouldn’t enjoy, but do anyway.  (Kinda like my addiction to Lik-M-Aid; a perfect 70s treat for this 70s-themed spoof.)  This film is a great “last skate”…er, final film for a Halloween horrorthon.  Everybody’s tired, drunk, amped on candy, or all three.  Why not put on a killer spoof about a deadly cookie?  Even if nobody else likes it, they’ll all think it was a bad dream.  But it’s actually a hoot.  Seriously, anyone who expects Fine Entertainment from this film is smokin’ the loco weed.  And not sharing.  Which is poor form, y’all.

How drunk was I when I watched this?  YES.  However, my review stands.  From the jokes about The Silence of the Lambs, Carrie, Roller Boogie, Saturday Night Fever and even The Omen (“it’s all for you!”), Gingerdead Man 3 is hilarious.  This isn’t sci-fi or any other true genre work, this is strictly camp and damn proud of it, so Butterfly Effect be-damned.  This spoof has everything worth watching in a film that makes fun of genre films: a roller boogie makeover!  Bikini carwashes!  LSD-trippin’ sex!  Satin and Qiana everywhere!  And best of all, Trixie — the owner of the roller disco — looks like Randy Quaid in drag!  (Mostly because she’s really played by Jackie Beat, who is the persona of performer/screenwriter Kent Fuher.)  Selena Luna, best known as Margaret Cho’s assistant, plays the Roller Disco DJ with a coke problem, and screenwriter Muffy Bolding makes fun of the Porky’s gym teacher in her role as Ingrid.

This film gets an entire extra pumpkin for the great costuming as well as the theme song “Disco You To Death”.  With lyrics like “come on disco baby, let’s cut the rug; trip the light fantastic ’til the room is filled with blood”.  That’s good Halloween ringtone stuff right there.  So sit back, grab one more beer or caramel apple, and enjoy the stupid.

Score: out of 5 pumpkins.

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