31 in 31: Teenage Zombies


Story: Hey you hep cats, dig this crazy story about some teenagers who split the scene to have some fun on an island that turns out to be a place where teens get gassed into submission. Guess who’s next for the zombie treatment? Crazy man, crazy!

Scares: Not a one. This is purely one to watch so you can dig all the crazy lingo, costuming & squeaky-clean teens who were probably cutting edge back in the day. (Girls in dungarees! Slicked hair! Hot rods!)

Splat Factor: zip. It’s the 50s y’all. When they’re talking zombies, they’re talking hypnosis by poison gas. Not braaaaaaains.

Closing Scene “Shocker”?: As this film is waaaay before the 90s love of last-minute twists that are supposed to be fresh and new, you’d expect not.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: Though Jerry Warren made other laugh-tastically “horrific” horror films, this is a stand-alone.

Trick or Treat?: If any cheesy grade Z horror movie deserves to be restored, this is it. Then again, if the picture is clearer everyone may notice exactly how low budget this sucker is. But it’s a Jerry “The-Zero-Budget-King” Warren film, and should be preserved just so we can all see just how crappy 50s horror could be.

Teenage Zombies is absolutely implausible – the kids can’t swim, so escape isn’t an option; hey, a gorilla! – but I can see myself ponying up bucks to catch this chestnut at the drive-in during a throwback night. (Or maybe during a Mondo Baltimore film fest.) At the very least, it could serve as a great iPhone remake you could put up on YouTube on a dare. Dare ya.

This gets an extra pumpkin bump-up for it’s sheer audacity, and for the cheese factor.


Score: out of 5 pumpkins.

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