31 in 31: Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular

Oct15_ScaryGodmotherStory: A group of kids decide to freak out the youngest among them with a story about having to feed the monsters in a haunted house some candy. No, those assholes don’t get slaughtered. Instead the little one gets a visit from her Scary Godmother. Whee! Sorta.

Scares: Zero. Kids special. With special to be taken loosely. Very loosely.

Splat Factor: Cartoon Network. And not the night programming. Nuff said.

Closing Scene ” Shocker”?: Again, Cartoon Network.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: there are other Scary Godmother things, but I really don’t care.

Trick or Treat?: I love holiday specials for kids. Usually. But this is the Chocolate Necco Wafer of  Halloween kiddie fare.  Apparently there’s a reason I haven’t seen this before, even though it came out in ’03. And it’s the HORRIBLE animation. I mean really; in what world is this okay? Even my 5-year-old nieces couldn’t stomach it for more than 5 minutes. It seems that the author of the kids books this special is based on is so incredibly insecure that she wanted an films to be CGI. “I’m doing 2D. Nobody else should be doing 2D, just me.” IDIOT.

But that crappy computer dinking would be okay if the story was interesting, cute or even original. No, nyet and nada. Not even the absolutely fabulous — and obviously gay — skeleton (the official Skeleton In The Closet) can make up for the art & CGI that looks like something out of a bad Art Institute of America ad.  In fact, Scary Godmother looks like something that someone’s boss demanded, so everyone put in their very best halfass attempts.

During my viewing the CN adds insult to injury by showing a trailer of Hotel Transylvania. Don’t show the good stuff if all you have is scraps.

Yes, this Halloween special came out almost ten years ago. But that’s no excuse for shoddy animation. There are so many better specials to check out: Mad Mad Monster Party, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Charlie Brown Halloween…the list goes on & on.

Don’t waste your time with this one.

Score:   out of 5 pumpkins (half a pumpkin for the idea of the Skeleton In The Closet.)

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