The 100% Unofficial Piranha 3DD Drinking Game


Since it’s not only Halloween Month but also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here’s a drinking game that combines the two. Bottoms Up, y’all.

Drink when:

* there’s a fish POV (PIRANHA-CAM!)
* a z-list “star” bites it
* you see a close up of boobies
* somebody does something that no sane, sober person would do. (ex: jumping into a pool of piranhas)
* you see something that was obviously put in just for 3D
* a fish does something no real fish could ever accomplish
* somebody survives something that nobody could survive in real life (hint: fish inna belly)
* a piranha bites somebody on the butt (or other No-No Place)
* Ving Rhames is awesome
* the Hoff goes Baywatch (chug if you catch him sucking in his gut)
* shit goes Boom

About Denise

Professional nerd. Lover of licorice.
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