What was I thinking? – TWD: The Suicide King


I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a series of posts that are just free-form ideas as I have ’em.  Y’know, while I’m watching something.  I would call them George “What was I thinking?”, and go from there.

Here’s #1.  As this is an as-it-happened post, there may be spoilers. I tried to avoid ’em, but I’m sure I’m not that gifted.

Last night, The Walking Dead started up their Winter season, and as always, it delivered.  Here’s a peek at my brain cranking at top speed while I was watching The Suicide King.  Bearing in mind that top speed for me is a lame hamster on a wheel.

NOTE: all times are original broadcast, Eastern Standard.

* 9:05 – Dixon brothers, back in action!

* 9:06 – That sound you hear is the governors brain snapping.  Bye-bye.

* 9:11 – Daryl’s brain: “Rick, I’ve never loved you more than I love you right now.”

* 9:13 – I love you, Tyreese.

* 9:15 – I hope they don’t do the Tyreese/Michonne/Carol thing like the comic. I really like TV!Carol.

* 9:18 – Meryl, you went from me being glad you’re back to me hating you again in less than a minute. That’s gotta be a record, even for you.

* 9:22 – Are they gonna kill her? Did they already? If not, tick tick tick.

* 9:22 – White trash dude, I don’t like you.

* 9:23 – “That’s not what we do.” Tyreese, you’re awesome.

* 9:24 – Work it out Glenn. Work it out.

* 9:26 – I can’t decide if Glenn is a whiny little bitch or a badass.

* 9:27 – Oh look. The pampered folks of Woodbury are freaking. Humanity in action.  I’d kick all their asses. Then feel bad later.

* 9:28 – Like nobody saw THIS coming.

* 9:29 – Gotta side with the Governor on that one. Can’t believe I just said that.

* Carl, you badass.

* Oh goddammit. They’re gonna do it. Dammit. DAMMIT.

* 9:37 – Oh Andrea. You poor misguided thang.  But haven’t we all made bad decisions during the zombie apocalypse? I should cut her a break. How many good looking dudes are worth boning nowadays?

* 9:39 – White trash dude, I still don’t like you.

* Cute baby alert! And also, Rick brainfuck alert.

* 9:45 – Aaaand we’re looking at a town meeting. But with guarded walls. Expect pitchforks and torches soon y’all.

* 9:46 – And 90 percent of y’all don’t even know how to fire a gun. But hoorays for Woodbury!

* 9:49 – Fuck it all. If they do that messed up love triangle from the comic series, I quit this bitch.

* 9:50 – Aw Hershel, you too are awesome.

* 9:51 – I really like Carl’s animal footprint t-shirt.  Just need to put that out there.

* 9:57 – “I’m Tyreese.” yes. Yes you are.

* 9:58 – Agatha Christie reference!!!

* 9:59 – Pull your shit together Rick. It ain’t about you.


* 10:01 – Does anyone know a good post-apocalypse therapist? Just curious.

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