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Fear the Walking Dead: “Pilot” episode dodges sophomore slump

Gotta love The Walking Dead.  And though I was amped to see that Fear the Walking Dead would deal with the start of the walker pandemic, I feared sophomore slump. I needn’t have worried.  Fear the Walking Dead starts off … Continue reading

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Walking Dead stars targets for zombies. And also, autograph forgers.

Bad enough that they’ve gotta dodge walkers all the livelong day.  Now the stars of The Walking Dead have to dodge something more nefarious; autograph forgers. Seriously, what kind of scumbag forges autographs?  Personally, I’ve never gotten into the autograph … Continue reading

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What Was I Thinking? – The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without An Accident

Welcome back, zombie fans! Gardens! Sick pigs! Shopping at the Walmart! (Or whatever non-trademarked name they use!) 01: Rick. Gentleman Farmer. 02: beating pistols into plowshares is a nice thought. But I’m thinking y’all will need said pistols before too … Continue reading

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What was I thinking? — The Walking Dead: Home

Second episode for the season, and there was a WHOLE lotta lotta going on.  Wanna know what I was thinking while I watched it?  Sure, yeah?  Well, here ya go. NOTE: this time I’ve done it by minutes in the … Continue reading

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In which I salivate over the TV Body Count Study

Okay, hold the phone y’all. Usually when I get press releases, I’m intrigued at best; typically I yawn and hit delete. But when I saw a press release about television body counts, and that there’s actually a site that studies … Continue reading

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What was I thinking? – TWD: The Suicide King

I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a series of posts that are just free-form ideas as I have ’em.  Y’know, while I’m watching something.  I would call them George “What was I thinking?”, and go from there. … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead issue #100: thoughts and such

Okay, so it’s hit the shelves.  In fact, it’s blown off the shelves and headed into a second printing.  For those of you that are fans of TWD, be it Kirkman’s comic or the TV show, you’ve probably heard about … Continue reading

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