From Geek for e: Oscars Best Picture Picks

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Geek For E! – Oscars 2012, Our Two Cents (and we’re looking for change…)


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Nine films is a lot.  Have you seen them all?  We’re devout movie geeks here and collectively we’ve seen them all but have very different opinions.  Click the link below to see our picks for the big statue, and let us know which film you think will take home the coveted golden man.  We’ll be posting all weekend and into Oscar night, so come back often, we’d love to hear from you!

Who do you think will win? Let us know! 

Don’t forget the Oscars are Sunday, February 24, 2013 – 7:00PM EST (ABC)


Who I Want To Win: Silver Linings Playbook
Who Will Win: Argo

Well, there’s who I wish could win (and that’d be the amazing documentary Searching For Sugar Man, a film that got a Best Doc nod but who will probably lose to the also good but not as inspiring How To Survive A Plague in that category) vs. the film that probably will win.Since Sugar Man ain’t in this category – but should be, dammit – my “should win” goes to Silver Linings Playbook. Just put my vote right there next to Tatiana’s.

I still have hope that this year will be a year of crazy upsets and sweeps by “lesser” (read: not helmed by the big shots) films. However…it’s most likely an Argo evening. With Ben Affleck getting snubbed in the director’s category – yet nabbing the prize at the DG awards – I’m betting the Academy will try to make it up to him with a win here.

Oh, and shout out to the Simpsons and their nom for Best Animated Short! The Longest Daycare was funny, smart and sweet. Yeah I know, I was surprised too. Hope they get a statuette….

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