Oscar countown: the Oscar app and my favorite Les Miz parody

It’s here!  It’s here!  Today is Oscar day — or, as I like to call it, my very own Superbowl.  But with better outfits.  Sorry, football refs.

I’m hoping Seth MacFarlane kills it tonight.  If he’s allowed to run free it should be a good time.  Speaking of a good time, there have been tons of Les Miz parodies out there but my absolute favorite is…wait.  First thing first.

A quick bit of 411 on the official Oscars app that has come out on all platforms/phones/whateverall.  It’s not too shabby, and the fact that users can share their pics on Facebook so friends can “play along” (or smack-talk, depending on how cool your friends are) is really nice.  I’m guessing that fun tidbits will be shared throughout the ceremony with the “Backstage Pass” section.

Because I’m a total food junkie, my favorite part (second to the pick-your-winners) is the “What’s New” section, with recipes.  Mmm, brie bites.

Anyway, if you find yourself Oscar Party-less this evening, or if the party you’re at has taken a turn for the dull, this app is definitely an option.

And now, my very favorite Les Miz parody.  Yes, “For Your Consideration” is well done and deserves the whole gone-viral thang. But the folks in my very favorite not only nail the bombast, they’re funny as hell.  Michael Bihovsky and company, I salute you all. Behold: the agony and the ecstasy of food allergies in…One Grain More!

(Oh, and have a happy Oscar night y’all!)


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