Monsters University, now accepting new students!

I’ve been loving the trailers and posters for Monsters University.  No secret there.  (Though I love this new poster, I’m really lusting after an International banner, which have Chinese New Year of the Snake motifs!)

But Disney/Pixar has gone above and beyond for this film.  Remember all the college catalogs, brochures and websites you had to slog through before making your decision?  Somebody at Disney sure does, and now they’ve got the official MU website up.  And it’s awesome!

Wanna check out the main page?  Here’s a peek….


Lookin’ snazzy, right? There’s more y’all. A campus map, and even a campus store. I’m dying for this sweatshirt (yeah that’s right; FOUR sleeves….)


Greek life (rush HSS!), faculty bios, and the “Campus Safety Blotter”, with the latest updates on school thefts and such. I’m geeking out big-time. Plus, the campus looks gorgeous. (Sorry Testudo; I’m still a die-hard Terp.) 

So, do you have what it takes to SCARE? Check out this message from the Dean and see if this is the right school for you. And check out Monsters University when it hits June 21.

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