What was I thinking? – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


Netflix has put up a few decent, recent films of late.  And once I stop obsessing over The West Wing (just kiss her, Josh!) I’ll get to ’em.  For now, I caught Ghost Protocol.  Wanna see inside my brain?  It’s crazy up in there, but here ya go.

Why no Walking Dead this week?  Not saying that I won’t get to it, but the Oscars had me in it’s grip.  It’s a sickness.

* Bad Robot! :01

* hey, hi guy from Lost! :01

* bye, guy from Lost. :02

* c’mon. Like we don’t know that’s Tom Cruise. :02

* Yaaay Simon Pegg! :02

* Still not showing his face. Still knowing it’s Tom Cruise. :04

* Hi Tom! Best use of Dean Martin ever. :05

* Whoa – – Deep Blue Sea moment! :42

* And I can’t believe that almost 40 minutes went by without anything going on worth thinking about.

* Why is Renner talking like Rain Man? Is that a new requirement for all Cruise co-stars? :43

* Dubai has orange sand y’all. :52

* Simon Pegg should be in every movie. 53

* “Blue is glue, red is dead.” I’m betting we’re gonna see red soon. :56

* Yahtzee! :58

* This movie should have been called Whoa Shit That Was Close. 1:02

* Wow Renner is bad actor-ing all over this movie. DUDE. 1:05

* Best. Contact Lens. Ever. 1:11

* I don’t understand how this film is a “dude movie”. Every guy is eye candy. Yes, even Simon. Especially Simon.


* Faaaace! Eyuck! Oh wait. Whoa. But still yuck. 1:18

* From Terminator to Quasimodo. And back. 1:21

* Da-duuuuum! 1:23

* Oh, just have angry hatesex already. 1:24

* Tom’s wearing his Risky Business shades. I guess he means business. 1:25

* Holl-on. WHAT THE FUCK? Alright, that was a great tie-in. 1:27

* And the badass is cranked to 11. “To destroy you enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of de wimmin.” 1:30

* Jesus – somebody get the ginger out of the sun! 1:32

* Mithril! 1:34

*Lemme explain how a trust fall works…. 1:35

* “5 by 5”? Is Faith in on this assignment? 1:37

* Renner, you’re awesome right now. I like it when you’re kinda a puss. 1:41

* Dubai, or wherever they filmed these scenes, is beautiful at night. 1:43

* How much longer is this movie? 1:45

* If you didn’t think the turbine was gonna go back on at the worst possible moment? You don’t think enough. 1:46

* Meanwhile, Jane Carter is the hardest working girl in spy business.

* Take those ties off like you Mean That Shit. 1:48

* Whoa – I want a windshield like that! Who am I kidding; I’d only crack it. I can’t have anything nice. 1:49

* Please let it be a SCUD. 1:51

* Battle for the briefcase. And this is where I check my DROID and hit the loo. 1:55

* Ok, that was truly unexpected. 1:56

* Why does every timer need to run down to the final second?


* Is Tom passing the torch? Going out classy? 2:01

* Tada! 2:05

* Aaaand back to work…. 2:06

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