Baltimore Comic-Con: in pictures!

So,  you weren’t able to check out the Baltimore Comic-Con this year?  Man, you missed a good time.  But hey, there’s always next year, amirite?  Who knows what special guest stars could make an appearance (please say Robert Kirkman.  Please say Robert Kirkman….)

Here are a few pics of some of my favorite places and things at this year’s con.  Want a few tidbits?

* This year’s con broke attendance records!  WOOT!  Yeah baby, that’s the nerd stuff. (Thanks, ABC News, for that info!)

* Word on the street is that Screwed will be getting a second chapter!  For folks like me that are absolutely loving this miniseries, that’s Happy Dance Time, for certain.  (For those of you who haven’t started reading this series yet?  Get.  On.  It.)

* Wanna know what most comic book colorists use?  Photoshop.  And RBG in particular.  Newbies should read up on color theory, and especially focus on color values, contrast and saturation.  Not to mention that you’ve got to bear in mind how much in the paper it’s printed on can handle, and choose your colors accordingly.  It’s a whole lot more than just picking out colors y’all!

* Saga cleaned up at the Harvey Awards this year, with 6 statuettes.  Adventure Time scored two awards…and I’ll have the full list o’ winners up soon.  Suffice it to say that Saga and Adventure Time — who have already nabbed Eisner Awards this year — are the big stars of 2013.

* I’d have pics of the Comic Book Men crew, but the line was hella long, and the PR folks surrounding them looked fierce.  What?  I’m scared of important looking people with clipboards.  It’s a thing.

Okay, that’s the gist of what I was able to see.  Next year?  I’m going to get a minion of my own to cover some of the panels I can’t get to.  Or I’ll get a Time-Turner.  Whatever’s easier.  Pictures!

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