Awards Season: Society of Camera Operators award nominees!

Also, kick-ass award.

Also, the winners get a kick-ass award.

UPDATE: the ceremony has been moved to March 8th.  

Oh, you were, perhaps, thinking I’d do a little sumpin’ sumpin’ on the Oscar nominations that were announced this morning?  Oh, I’ll get to that my pretties.  But right now it’s another award that you probably have never heard of, which of course gives it way more cool cred.

I’m talking about the Society of Camera Operators Awards.  Camera operators are the guys and gals that get the fantastic, mind-blowing shot that the Director or DP (director of photography, don’cha know) really want.  I’m betting that’s an amazing feeling in and of itself, though as I couldn’t take a decent still shot to save my life, I’ll just have to believe that’s the case.

As always, read this full post for the list of noms.  I’m kinda hoping for Kenji Luster to take the award in the TV section, but that’s because I’m a huge fan of Body of Proof, and I’m bummed it’s no longer on air.  As for the film nominees?  I think all these COs did great work, but I’m bowing down to Peter Taylor, because his work on Gravity is simply jaw-dropping.  And also, alot of underwater work.  Getting the shot, when Sandra Bullock’s hair is whipping around in the water?  Over and over and OVER again?  Bravo, Mr. Taylor.  Bravo.

Full press release; read on!


Nominations Announced for Annual Society of Camera Operators Awards for Camera Operator of the Year — Feature Film and Television

Awards Celebration to Take Place February 15, 2014 at Skirball Cultural Center

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) will present its Camera Operator of the Year Awards at their Annual Awards Event, as announced today by SOC Vice President and Awards Executive Producer David Frederick, SOC. The black-tie celebration announcing the winners will be held on February 15, 2014 at the Skirball Cultural Center. The SOC donates all proceeds from the Awards Event to the Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to help children overcome vision deficits.

(Logo: )

As previously announced, this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are Chris HaarhoffSOC/Camera Operator (Saving Private Ryan, Fight Club, Almost Famous), William Coe/Camera Technician (The Avengers, J. Edgar, Jersey Boys), Barry Wetcher, SMPSP/Still Photographer (Goodfellas, Quiz Show, Sherlock Holmes) and Jack Carpenter/Mobile Camera Platform Operator (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Crash, The Matrix). The Distinguished Service Award recipient is Stan McClainSOC (National Security, Almost Famous, Any Given Sunday). The President’s Award Recipient is Leonard Chapman, who has developed and improved equipment for moving cameras.


Camera Operator of the Year – Feature Film
Ian Fox, SOC – Saving Mr. Banks (Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures)
Geoffrey Haley, SOC – American Hustle (Columbia Pictures)
Jacques Jouffret, SOC ­- Lone Survivor (Universal Studios)
P. Scott Sakamoto, SOC – Labor Day (Paramount Pictures)
Peter Taylor, ACO, SOC – Gravity (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Camera Operator of the Year – Television
Nicholas Davidoff, SOC – Homeland (HBO)
Don Devine, SOC – Mad Men (AMC)
Steve Fracol, SOC – Scandal (ABC)
Kenji Luster, SOC – Body of Proof (ABC)
James Reid, SOC – American Horror Story: Asylum (FX Networks)

The prestigious Camera Operator of the Year Awards are presented to the best of the nominated Feature Film and Television shows of 2013. The active camera operators of the SOC submit their nominations and vote on the final nominees to decide the recipients for the two categories of the award, film and television. Previous winners include Andrew Voegeli, SOC (Breaking Bad), Mitch Dubin, SOC (Lincoln), Andrew Mitchell, SOC (Glee), Stephen Campanelli, SOC (J.Edgar), David Frederick, SOC (Sons of Anarchy), Colin Anderson, SOC (The Town), Robert Gorelick, SOC (The Dark Knight), and Jacques Jouffret, SOC (Into the Wild).

The Society of Camera Operator’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the ‘CAMMY, honors the career of an outstanding camera crew member. The Technical Achievement Award is presented to a member in the corporate community for their contributions to the advancement of equipment and techniques vital to the work of Camera Operators. The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an industry stalwart for their support to camera operators.

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