Recappin’ – Gang Related: Sangre por Sangre


Photo: Fox

I said I was going to give this show another chance. And it looks like this will be my new hate-watch. Let’s see what’s going on with the GTF!

Story: Ryan The “Cop” spends most of the show trying to cover up the fact that he dropped the dime on professional douchebag Carlos. But Ryan should have been trying to figure out how to cover up the fact that he knows Carlos shot his last partner dead. Now internal affairs and the DA’s office are getting suspicious.

Meanwhile, Carlos is on the verge of death – sadly this bugger seems to take a licking and keep on ticking – and Papa Gangbang is lying to his wife. She doesn’t want to go through this again, and Papa promises he won’t kill anyone in retaliation. Sike! He totally kills the shooters. Wait; having a prison guard lock the shooters in an enclosed area with about 30 “Los Angelicos” gang members doesn’t count does it? Then win!

Because this show is trying to out-do The Shield show that good guys can be scummy too, we have:

* John Locke Sam Chapel, the head of the GTF probably pushing an unarmed man out of a 3rd floor window (not shown, but heavily implied; I’m guessing they’re keeping it vague in case the show buys a clue and decides to make at least one cop decent.)

* ICE Station Zebra (er, Agent Vee) hunt down the guy that stuck her with a hypodermic needle and forcibly take his blood for testing, after kicking the blood sweat and heroin outta the dude. Because Miranda sux.

* FBI Agent Kim – still the most intriguing dude – helping Zebra administer the blood draw. Z tells him she’s gonna go rogue. His response? “You’re gonna need backup.”

* DEA RZA Cassius shows an informant his LA pied-à-terre; a shipping container kitted out with an interrogation table and all the highlights of a no-holds-barred bad cop wonderland. Oh Bobby Digital, not you too?

Bullets fly, Ryan still isn’t showing an ounce of soul, and surprise – Carlos wakes up and can’t feel his legs. Ain’t karma a bitch, baby. And because Papa ain’t nobody’s bitch, he calls for… Blood For Blood. Look, episode title!

So?: basically the gangs are scumbags, the cops are scumbags, and the people living in gang territory are scumbags. What a wonderful lesson to teach America!

But: there really wasn’t anything in this episode that makes me pull back my opinion that Gang Related is nothing but a summer hate-watch. Look for the drinking game soon.

Right now: I’m pouring one out for Terry O’Quinn. The man deserves better than a show that tries to be “deep” but right now is nothing but Derp.

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