Recappin’: Gang Related – Pecados Del Padre


Photo: Fox

Man, but this show delivers the mediocrity. If I didn’t love Terry O’Quinn so much, and if I actually had cable rather than picking over Hulu shows, I’d bounce. Still may. Til then? Here’s my as-it-happened stream of consciousness during this episode.

Story: Basically? A bad guy rats. GTF celebrates. Latin Gang Kingpin wants to parlay that into getting into the drug business with Rat’s former boss. Carlos is still alive (boo!), but he’s peeing in a bag (yay – take that, sadistic scumbag!) I’ve decided that learning everyone’s name? Not important. Let’s ride!


*NHI – no humans involved, just bangers. Cut to grieving people. Ham handed! But yeah, effective.

*RZA. Still awesome.

*I’ma sell drugs to make a clean start, says Latino Gang Kingpin! Because trying to go legit with the money I already have from years of being dirty? Pah! Also, gunning for revenge x10 for Carlos and his wheelchair status. Because bad guys don’t consider they bring bad stuff onto themselves! Whee!

*GTF Daughter Lawyer Lady should never be put with Terry O’Quinn. She only embarrasses herself. Flat in the dictionary has a clip of her performance tonight.

*”I can’t do that”? Whoa – he’s growing a heart? I’m betting no.

*They’re protecting Rat & his family, but let his little girl text? FAIL.

*Aw man. Carlos isn’t dead yet? Dammit.

*Boo Hoo. Carlos is feeling the full effects of karma. All the feelings! Poor bastard. /not

*Meanwhile, daddy is being an instrument for vengeance. On all the wrong people. Way to bully the innocent, asshole. Why am I still watching this show? Oh yeah, wine.

*Oh good! Shitty Actress/GTFDLL is being paired with Worthless Lead. Love – and bad acting – is in the air. *eyeroll*

*Meanwhile, Terry O’Quinn is finally looking at the information IAD gave him on Lopez/Worthless Lead. Will Pappa GTF be allowed buy a clue? Yeah right.

*”I knew it would be wrong.” Whatever, Latino Gang Kingpin. Your whole gang could vanish, and this show could only get better. This back-n-forth isn’t worth it. At least not with these scripts. Isn’t there a better way to showcase talented Latino actors? Oh, forgot; no good roles for anyone who isn’t Wonder Bread. America!

*”Just the name he’s under.” Oh, that’s okay then. It’s signing that dude’s death warrant, idiot. And there’ll be no justice for the dead agents you claim to give a crap about. But what else did I expect? Again, this better pay off with Worthless Lead waking the fuck up. Because right now, this show is expecting folks to side with a piece of shit. America!

So?: Gang Related is still more about being cool and edgy (ooh!) than developing characters worth caring about. This show doesn’t know if it wants to be The Shield, The Godfather, or Law & Order: Special Idiots Division. I’m off to grab more wine. It’s the only thing that gets me through these episodes. Sadly I waited so long to watch this episode that another one is comin’ up tomorrow.

More wine, Cercei.


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