Hemlock Grove Season 2 starts July 11: just ask @EliRoth. No, g’head and ask.


Image: Netflix/Eli Roth

This was sent to probably everyone who has Netflix.  But I share because Hemlock Grove was crazy, weird and ultimately grew on me big time last year.  Plus, Eli Roth just may answer any of your burning, bloody questions ala The Twitter.  (That’s the  @EliRoth you see above this post.  In case you needed 100% verification.) Peep the Season 1 recap (requires Netflix, sorry) — be prepared for awesome FX if you haven’t seen it yet — and get your paws on some popcorn.  It’s gonna be a dark and stormy, crazy night come 7/11.  I’m betting Mr. Roth wouldn’t have it any other way. (All apologies to Netflix and Eli Roth, but the HTML?  She’s a-shaky ’round hereparts….)

….[D]o you want to see something really scary…? The wait is almost over. If you’re like me, you devoured Season 1 like a ravenous Vargulf in one marathon sitting. Or perhaps you slowly drained the life from each episode over time like an Upir. Either way, we know you’re hungry for more, and I want you to know Season 2 is well worth the wait. But just in case you’ve forgotten all the gory details of Season 1, here’s a bite-sized recap to chew on… ERsigvideo-play-button Hungry for more Hemlock Grove? Talk to me @EliRoth. And yes, it’s actually me, not a creation from Dr. Pryce’s lab…

So who’s with me for bingewatching July 11th?

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