Bronycon! Or how I met a buncha ponies.

Today started the three-day pony hugfest that called BronyCon.  And it was magnificent.  Bro-hoofs, hugs and compliments were the rules of the day, and everyone was made to feel welcome and a part of the tribe.  I like this fandom.  Even waiting in line was fun, with calls of “Marco!”  “Polo!” and of course “Twilight!”  “Sparkle!”  And then there was the fun run to registration.

So, let’s get straight to the pictures, shall we?  Because the less said about the money I dropped at the merch room the better.  Hey, I needed that “Trust me, I’m a Doctor” t-shirt!  What?

Okay one thing; the psychology & analysis panels were superb.  Special shout-out to the folks who ran Friendship is Academic and the hilarious (yet informative) Thoroughly Analyzing MLP; FiM.  Cartoons: Playfully Transgressing Normative Codes was especially awesome, with tons of historical data on “girls comics”, sociology and gender studies.

Well done, BronyCon. Well done.

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