Small Press Expo’s 20th Anniversary = great guests!

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Dig the indie scene man?  The SPX (Small Press Expo) is where it’s at, for indie comics.

It’s the weekend after the big Baltimore Comic-Con blowout, so if you’re a fan o’ comics there’s no need to choose between the two.  That’s Saturday/Sunday, September 13, 14 , in Bethesda, MD.

Read on for the full release, with complete deets!


Hey Everyone,

This year is SPX’s 20th birthday (one more year and we can drink!!). So in the name of having a party to remember we’ve rounded up a bunch of great guests to help us celebrate, and a special theme for this years show.

The SPX 2014 Particulars:

Be sure to come to SPX 2014 September 13-14 at our normal place, the North Bethesda Marriott Conference Center across from the White Flint Metro station.

Admission is:  $15 Saturday, Sept. 13  /  $10 Sunday, Sept. 14  /  $20 for both days.

Only 9 more weeks, and we are excited already!!

But, per the title of this note, you were promised guests!

So here goes!

A Salute to the Great Alt-Weekly Cartoonists:

Now, everyone has read about the slow death of the alt-weekly newspaper. Well, the alt-weekly world has given a number of cartoonists their first start, and to celebrate, we have gathered the largest group of alt-weekly cartoonists ever assembled. Check out this list of alt-weekly cartooning dignitaries:

Jules Feiffer!
Lynda Barry!!
Charles Burns!!!
Jen Sorensen!!!!
Shannon Wheeler!!!!!!
Ben Katchor!!!!!!!
Tom Tomorrow!!!!!!!!

SPX First-Timers:

We also have coming to the show a bunch of people that have never been to SPX before, and we are totally stoked they are gonna be here:

Emily Carroll!
Brandon Graham!!
Drew Friedman!!!
Robert Mankoff!!!!

Featured International Guests:

And coming to SPX from foreign lands across the vast oceans:

Simon Hansleman!
Aisha Franz!!

The Best of Independent Comics

Because the above are not enough for you, we also have some of the coolest indie comics people In The Universe joining us as special guests:

Box Brown!
Michael DeForge!!
Renee French!!!
John Porcellino!!!!
Roman Muradov!!!!!
Nick Abadzis!!!!!!
Raina Telgemeier!!!!!!!
Ben Hatke!!!!!!!!
Jillian Tamaki!!!!!!!!!


Here at SPX Galactic HQ, our heads are exploding over all the cool creators who will be at the show.

We will have updates on Debuts, programming, table layout, and other stuff over the next 2 months.

Off to get mops to clean up the exploded heads.

We’ll be seeing you!

Mike, Eden, Sam, Sarah, Catherine, Bill, Greg, Dan, Charles, John, Nate, Joe, Rusty, Tom and Warren

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