Off the shelf: Chastity #1

(Image: Chaos!Dynamite/Bleeding Cool)

(Image: Chaos!Dynamite/Bleeding Cool)

Not only am I a sucker for horror comics, but I’ll read just about anything that’s free.  So when I saw that Dynamite was trotting out Chastity #1 (the Dynamite re-launch of the ol’ Chaos! Comics vampire assassin from the 90s) for a free look-see over at Bleeding Cool?  I looked, and I see’d.  Yeah I know it hit shops in July.  I’m slow.  So far?  Well…

Story: Chastity is a teen gymnast, or at least was until her ACL flipped her the bird.  Her mom had high hopes for Chastity’s Olympic chances, but now gives zero fucks about the poor girl.  So, what’s a teen to do but lose herself in the hottest new vampire fiction?  One thing though; it’s written by a real vamp, and that vamp wants Chastity.  For dinner.  Death’s a-knockin’, as Chastity’s origin story takes off.

Thoughts:  Fans of the original Chastity series at Chaos! will notice a BIG change in her origin story here, but with the whole YA Paranormal Romance thing that swept in like a plague of locusts is so popular now, I think it works well.  I saw the “twist” involving the author of the “Blood Rose” series a mile away — as anyone who loves vamps would — but I enjoyed the ride nonetheless.  Told in flashback, Chastity is no-nonsense and doesn’t veer off on tangents.  In fact, Chastity #1 felt a little choppy at times, but as this is an origin/Exposition Fairy issue, I’m okay with that.

Nutshell:  I’m not up on Chastity as much as I’d like — gotta admit I was more an Evil Ernie gal back then — but I love Dave Acosta’s pencils, and Thiago Ribeiro’s gorgeous (and gore-geous) colors.  Emanuella Lupacchino & Ivan Nunes bring on a hot-but-not-tacky Chastity pin-up-y pose that looks fantastic and lays out the basics of the character beautifully.  I’m liking the details and depth in this standard cover more than Tim Seeley’s subscription cover for this particular issue.

Subscribe or Shelve: Definitely looking forward to seeing where Marc Andreyko takes this character, and Ribeiro’s slaughter-riffic panels have me hooked.  I’m all in.  Off to grab #2 & 3!

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