Go go Gotham?

Image: Fox

Image: Fox

I watched the premiere episode of Gotham on Fox, and a friend said “review it”.  So?  Better late than…well, here it is.

Story:  You know Bruce Wayne?  Well, he’s just a little kid that’s lost his parents.  But Gotham City is a crazy, crime-filled world, and somebody’s gotta clean it up.  Your move, Chief Officer Gordon.

Thoughts: I’d heard good things, I’d heard horrible things.  But all-in-all, Gotham‘s pilot episode is what you’d expect from a pilot; a little rushed with the exposition, a little frenetic, and a little bit of too much all at once.  So why watch?  Well, Camren Bicondova’s Selina Kyle is absolutely adorable, and with barely a word has already become my favorite part of the series.  Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot have the downtrodden nerds thing down pat; and though Cobblepot has already shown signs of his penchant for violence, Nygma is kinda sweet in his “nobody gets me” kinda way.  It’ll be interesting to see how he morphs into the Riddler.  And who doesn’t love Donal Logue when he channels his inner cop?

New characters, like Fish Mooney, added to the Newbies Welcome Here vibe.  This isn’t a Batman origin story, this is a Gotham City origin story.  So everyone gets to start at page one.  I’m digging that.  I’m also digging the fact that they won’t be trotting out the Joker anytime soon, though it’s more than likely Mr. J. will make an appearance further on down the road.  I like a good tease, and with the Joker character an “is he or isn’t he” running bit sounds about right.  I’m happy giggling over the fannish easter eggs, and watching this city go from bad to worse.  Just polish things up here and there with the script, and let the actors get to know their characters a bit better.  We’ll see how it goes.

Tune in next week?:  I’m in for a few more episodes.  Gotham seems to be setting itself up for an interesting ride, and I’m fine with letting things unspool for a bit.  Hey, I wrote off Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. mid-season and ended up scrambling to catch up when the eps started getting really good.  I won’t make that mistake again.

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