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Elsewhere Review: Doctor Who Season Eleven

Happy New Year! Sorry for the gap, but I’ve been crunching through movies like a mad-woman (apt description, that one) the past few weeks. So, here’s my review of the latest Doctor Who season, originally published at The Green Man … Continue reading

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Go go Gotham?

I watched the premiere episode of Gotham on Fox, and a friend said “review it”.  So?  Better late than…well, here it is. Story:  You know Bruce Wayne?  Well, he’s just a little kid that’s lost his parents.  But Gotham City … Continue reading

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One Sentence Reviews

More!  Because yay for lazy!  And it’s kind of a challenge to nutshell my thoughts into a single sentence.  But mostly yay for lazy! I may do an all-Christmas movie post, seeing as how there are approximately 7.2 trazillion holiday … Continue reading

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