31 in 31: Cockneys vs Zombies

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c vs zStory:  A group of pathetically stupid (but hilarious) bank robbers try a heist.  Meanwhile, zombies are popping up around the old folks home.  How are these two disparate groups gonna survive the apocalypse?

Scares: A few nice chills and Day of the Dead-like suspense bits, but mostly this is played for laughs.

Splat Factor: Zombie movie.  So, yeah.  There’s even a few splats onto the camera lens once or twice.

Closing scene “shocker”: Nope!  Yayz!

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul): I know, I know; you’ve seen tons of zombie movies.  And yeah, this feels like a mashup of Grabbers  and Shaun of the Dead. (Note to self: review Shaun of the Dead.) But this one’s original.

Trick or Treat:  A definite treat y’all.  Ever wonder what would happen if the East End of London got overrun with zombies?  Well, while Shaun was taking care of things in King’s Cross, this gang of misfits and senior citizens have things covered for the Bow-bells.

There’s so much to enjoy here, but I’ll keep it brief. Tops in my book are the old folks kicking zombie ass!  (Best bit; how one of their group was outside asleep the whole time, with a “who’s faster, zombies or a guy with a walker?” chase scene.  Pure gold.)  Then there’s punting an infant into a “Targeting Cruelty Against Children” billboard, and a double-decker bus that’s used as a zombie battle machine.  Those aren’t the only twists in this zombie tale, but more would be too much spoilerage, and I don’t want to ruin the funny for you.  Okay, one more; “I Predict A Riot” plays during a particularly fantastic twist on the usual zombie attack.

And good to see Georgia King from The New Normal!  Man, I loved that show.  Harry Treadaway (Victor Frankenstein from Penny Dreadful) is here too; it’s like fannish reunion day (except this film came out before either actor did these other shows.)

According to the director, CvZ is a look at the “overwhelming force of modernisation” coming to East End, by way of zombies mowing over all these characters hold dear.  I love a message just like everyone else, but to be honest I was too busy enjoying myself to consider that theme.  Perhaps later.

Score: wpid-pumpkin9.jpgwpid-pumpkin9.jpgwpid-pumpkin9.jpgwpid-pumpkin9.jpg pumpkin_half

4.5 out of 5 pumpkins.  I may up it later, but right now it’s just as good as Grabbers, and so it gets the same grade.  I’d make the worst teacher ever.

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