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Blu-Ray Review: “Ghosts of Mars”

“So this is Shining Canyon? What a dump.” Jason Stratham! With hair! Ice Cube! Natasha Henstridge! Greg Nicotero and KNB FX! This should have been an incredible genre film, so what happened? Well, it became a cult classic for many … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: “Crawl” looks 50s horror-tastic!

Gotta love those “crazy animalz help me pleeez” horror movies. From Night of the Lepus to  Day of the Animals, Lake Placid, Piranha, and let’s not forget the mack daddy, Jaws. They all have a certain 1950s monster movie vibe … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch “CHILD’S PLAY” – meet Chucky 2.0

I’m now officially in. A Chucky movie that blends the popular mythos with touches of Chopping Mall and I, Robot? Sign me up. Plus, who doesn’t love Mark Hammill voicing a bad guy? Child’s Play 2019 hits theaters – and … Continue reading

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Movie News: “Child’s Play” reboot shares first images!

Gotta admit I wasn’t really into the Child’s Play series. Except for Bride of Chucky, I like my horror dolls to be of the Zuni Fetish variety. But with Aubrey Plaza playing the mom in this reboot, this Play might … Continue reading

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The Horror! – “Overlord”!

Not the gory bloodbath that I’d been “warned” about, but gorehounds will be pleased at the amount of red in this horror tale set during WWII. A story that combines war thriller with body horror in a way that kept my … Continue reading

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#31in31 2018: “The Stuff”

“No one is as dumb as I appear to be.” Story: An old guy finds some bubbling white goo on the ground. Naturally he eats some, and decides to market it. Soon, everyone wants The Stuff. No calories, tasty as … Continue reading

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#31in31 2018: “Cutting Class”

“Boy’s locker room? Smells like something died in here!” Story: Brian spent five years in a mental hospital after being accused of killing his father. When he starts high school with the kids he used to know, everything goes smoothly … Continue reading

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