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Don’t accept a friend request from “Unfriended: Dark Web”

UPDATE: apparently there are two endings for this movie.  Sounds like the second one would be more satisfying. (Thank you for the thorough breakdown, The Ringer)   My grade still stands though.  I dislike watching idiots for an hour and a … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: Amazon video’s “Suspiria”

How can anyone top the great Dario Argento? The reboot of Suspiria aims to be in the same ballpark, and with this new trailer, 2018’s Suspiria hopes to harness the same creepy, stylistic mood of the original classic. Synopsis! A darkness … Continue reading

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“Truth or Dare” delivers low-key chills this Friday the 13th

Nutshell: Cliches and tropes we’ve all seen too many times before. Characters we’ve all come to expect in horror films. And yet, Blumhouse’s tribute to Stranger Danger can be surprisingly effective at times.  Not chilling, but effective. That’s worth a … Continue reading

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“A Quiet Place” is hand-to-your-mouth terrifying

Nutshell: Director John Krasinski’s first big-budget feature length film shows that he’s a force to be reckoned with. And this high-caliber story about a family trying to stay alive and safe after a monster invasion is equally powerful.  Grade: A “IT’S … Continue reading

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“Insidious: The Last Key”: tired tropes combine with new twists

Nutshell: There’s no doubt that Lin Shaye is an incredible actress that brings top-notch talent to this series as psychic-in-charge Elise. There is, however, serious doubt that this series can continue, considering how it scrapes up the usual jump scares … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: freak out over creepy smiles in “Truth or Dare”

Ah, Blumhouse.  You are so much fun. As with Lionsgate, you’ve established yourself as a studio where I can go for some fun scary stuff.  And with the new trailer for Truth or Dare, fun scary stuff looks to be … Continue reading

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Wayback Review: “Insidious 2”

Because I’m working on my review of Insidious: The Last Key, why not revisit my thoughts on part 2 of this franchise?  From Geek for e way back in 2013.  Enjoy! Movie Review: Insidious 2 Remember how amazing The Exorcist was? Well, Insidious wasn’t … Continue reading

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