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TrailerWatch “CHILD’S PLAY” – meet Chucky 2.0

I’m now officially in. A Chucky movie that blends the popular mythos with touches of Chopping Mall and I, Robot? Sign me up. Plus, who doesn’t love Mark Hammill voicing a bad guy? Child’s Play 2019 hits theaters – and … Continue reading

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Movie News: “Child’s Play” reboot shares first images!

Gotta admit I wasn’t really into the Child’s Play series. Except for Bride of Chucky, I like my horror dolls to be of the Zuni Fetish variety. But with Aubrey Plaza playing the mom in this reboot, this Play might … Continue reading

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The Horror! – “Overlord”!

Not the gory bloodbath that I’d been “warned” about, but gorehounds will be pleased at the amount of red in this horror tale set during WWII. A story that combines war thriller with body horror in a way that kept my … Continue reading

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#31in31 2018: “The Stuff”

“No one is as dumb as I appear to be.” Story: An old guy finds some bubbling white goo on the ground. Naturally he eats some, and decides to market it. Soon, everyone wants The Stuff. No calories, tasty as … Continue reading

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#31in31 2018: “Cutting Class”

“Boy’s locker room? Smells like something died in here!” Story: Brian spent five years in a mental hospital after being accused of killing his father. When he starts high school with the kids he used to know, everything goes smoothly … Continue reading

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#31in31 2018 – Errementari: the blacksmith and the devil (El Herrero y el Diablo)

“And remember…you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” Story: The local blacksmith is known as a dangerous kook in the nearby village, and with good reason. But when a little girl enters his … Continue reading

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#31in31 2018: “Day of the Dead” (2008)

“Hey – what happened to fuckface?” Story: It’s the zombie apocalypse again y’all! And the military are doing just fine thank you very much. Oh who are we kidding? It’s a shit show everywhere. Except for the zombies. A few … Continue reading

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