Baltimore: wanna see Interstellar in theaters? For free?



Okay y’all.  So maybe we didn’t get a chance to screen Interstellar here in B’more.  But that’s okay, y’know why?  Because the studio — by way of our lovely and talented PR folks — snagged us a batch o’ passes for the actual “Run Of Engagement” for the film!

What does that mean, you ask?  Well, that means that if you snag an Admit Two pass in this giveaway, you get to pick the time and day that works for you.  No waiting in lines (well, beyond the usual at the multiplex).  No worrying if your pass will get you in (as long as you’re at an AMC theater in the Baltimore area).  Nice, right?

Nicer still, they sent along a bag o’ swag, which includes a t-shirt, “Endurance Space Exploration” patch, hat, sweatshirt and travel blanket.  So a few of you may just wind up with one of these in your mailbox along with your pass.  How’s that for some cool freebies?

Yes, I spread it out on the guest bed.  Art!

Yes, I spread it out on the guest bed. Art!

Soooo, how to score? Right this way…

What: ADMIT TWO passes for the theatrical run of Interstellar.  (NOTE: this does not include IMAX, ETX or Prime showings.)

Where:  Any AMC theater IN THE BALTIMORE AREA.

When:  Anytime Monday-Thursday, starting November 10th.

Why: Because space!  The final frontier!  Wait, wrong film.  You know what I mean.

How:  Email me (!  Subject: SEE YA, EARTH! I’ll choose 12 winners at random.  Why?  Because I have 12 passes.  Math!  A few of you will get something along with your pass, a few will not.  Why?  Because random.  And I got more passes than swag.

Good luck everyone!!!

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2 Responses to Baltimore: wanna see Interstellar in theaters? For free?

  1. Darien M. says:

    should i have gotten an immediate reply email?


  2. Julia Nathan says:

    Did I win?


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