Wanna peek at the titles for next year’s Free Comic Book Day? Right this way…

fcbd conner art

(Image: FCBD/Amanda Conner)

Mmm, free comic books.  Yeah, yeah, mah people.  We’ll probably clean up this month, with all the holidayness erupting all over the place.  Mmm, prezzies.  But the folks at Free Comic Book Day have announced the 50 titles that made the cut for the 2015 FCBD!  I know, right?  I’m psyched too.

BTW, like the logo above? It’s the 2015 t-shirt design, by AMANDA CONNER.  Yes, I’m psyched.

My Must Haves for next year’s ‘Day? (All titles have “FCBD 2015” attached.  I was just too lazy to re-type it all.)

  • Boom! Studios 10 Year Special
  • Dark Circle Comics #1 (the new Archie superhero line launch?  Yeah, I’m on it.)
  • DC Comics Gold Book — like I don’t want a cover that has “Top Secret” written on it?
  • FCBD 2015 Doctor Who Special
  • Savage Dragon Legacy
  • Secret Wars #1 (WOOT!)
  • Avengers #1 (hopefully there’s an Age of Ultron tie-in.  Oh who am I kidding; you know there’ll be one.)
  • And Then Emily Was Gone
  • GFT Wonderland Special Edition One Shot (What?  With their horror miniseries in 2014, GFT is growing on me.)
  • Jurassic Strike Force 5 One Shot
  • Lady Justice
  • The Stuff Of Legend

And okay, the Attack On Titan cover has me wanting to check out the Kodansha Comics Sampler too.  So many…so very many….

Free Comic Book Day 2015 will be May 2, 2015.  Plenty of time to plan your local comic store takeover. Er, visit.  Yeah.  Visit.

Peep the full list at the source, of course!  Clicky to pop to the Free Comic Book Day site!

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