Elsewhere Review — Fangoria: Cover to Cover

Published on Sleeping Hedgehog 2/16/2015.  As always, clicky on the title text for the full piece!

Anthony Timpone: FANGORIA: Cover to Cover

Fangoria-Cover-To-Cover-TRADEI remember my first FANGORIA.  I was wandering around the local RPG store, as you do, and decided to check out their magazines. I hadn’t picked up a Dragon in awhile, what was on the shelf for this month? Then I saw it; FANGORIA, issue #39. It had one of the lizard-aliens-in-hiding from V on the cover, in mid-reveal. I was transfixed. Could there really be a magazine out there for me, a horror fan? Don’t people dismiss this genre, and the folks that love it so? Wasn’t Famous Monsters of Filmland the only thing close to getting me my modern-day horror fix? Yes, yes, and absolutely not. FANGORIA knew there were more fans of horror out there than the general populace in magazine publishing could ever hope to understand. And they were there for us. It’s been 35 years since they cranked out their first issue, and to celebrate they put out a coffee table tome that collects all the covers gone by, along with some juicy tidbits about each issue, and some heartfelt nostalgia from some Fango greats. And it’s a must-have for fans of the magazine, or anyone interested in the development of the genre in the past 35 years. Plus, it’s a darn pretty book. Y’know, if you’re into really ghastly images. And really, who isn’t?

Cover to Cover is broken down into introductory essays/forewords, highlights of each issue, and a cover gallery. The paragraph-long blurbs discussing each issue look paltry at first, but there’s a whole lot of information packed neatly into each one. Fans of Fango, horror and film history will eat up these tidbits. And maybe there was a fist pump or twelve as I went along. Why? Well, did you know …

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