Halloween ComicFest: first look at this year’s crop o’ free comics!

First: Free Comic Book Day every May.  Then: Halloween ComicFest every October.  Too early to think about Halloween?  No way y’all!

The “Miss Popularity” issue has gotta be the B&W Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1 ComicFest reprint, which is a perfect complement to the ComicFest special edition of Afterlife With Archie from last year.

And even though it seems like she’s broken her spine in several places, I need the Vampblade.  Why?  Three words: Featuring Zombie Tramp.  Yeah darlin’.

But my favorite of the bunch has gotta be the special EC homage variant reprint Grimm Tales of Terror: Web of Deceit. It’s a reprint of GTOT #2, but hello gorgeous!

And I haven’t even touched on the mini-comics, let alone the super-secret hush-hush DC releases that haven’t been announced yet. Check out the press release, and be sure to hit up their website to see if there are any favorites of yours that I’ve missed!

Halloween ComicFest 2015 Comic Book Lineup


Diamond Comic Distributors announces a celebration of comics, comic shops, and pop-culture in October with the fourth annual Halloween ComicFest (HCF) store event! Communities are encouraged to check out their local comic shop and get free comics while also participating in special Halloween events such as costume contests, sales, character appearances and more on Saturday, October 31st!

During Halloween ComicFest, adults and kids can go into a local participating comic shop and get free Halloween and horror-themed comics and mini-comics published specifically for Halloween ComicFest. This year, there are 21 titles— thirteen full-sized comics and eight mini-comics—available to choose from, including Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers #1, Doctor Strange: The Oath, Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream! #1, Sabrina #1, Skylanders, Yo-Kai Watch and other frightening fun tales.

Retailers will also be selling HCF Mini-Comic Polypacks: a pack of 25 copies for fans to purchase and pass out on Halloween to trick-or-treaters, party-goers, at school events and more. It’s a great way to give out an entertaining story to kids that will last longer than any Halloween candy they will receive! Available in stores on September 30th, the Mini-Comic Polypacks can currently be pre-ordered from comic book shops, so fans can purchase the specific titles and number of packs they want to prepare for their Halloween activities.

“This year, Halloween ComicFest gets spookier as it’s celebrated on Halloween, allowing comic shops to really bring out their ‘fun and scary’ side,” said Halloween ComicFest spokesperson, Deborah Moreland. “Comic shops are already a great destination for new comics and pop-culture related items, but now new and current customers can see the great Halloween and horror comics and merchandise that local comic shops have to offer.  With awesome Halloween ComicFest events hosted in stores, cool mini-comic polypacks available for purchase, and the return of “The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest” on the Hallweencomicfest.com website, Halloween ComicFest is the perfect Halloween celebration for kids and adults to enjoy this October!

Designed to celebrate comic shops as unique community businesses and reach new customers, Halloween ComicFest helps retailers and the entire comics industry springboard into the end of the year holiday selling season. Comic fans are encouraged to check out www.halloweencomicfest.com over the coming months for more information on the event and local retailer activities. Also visit Halloween ComicFest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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