DC: Flywheel Dupont has a Fantastic (Four) Experience for ya!

fantastic four 2015Okay fine.  There’s no promo screening for Fantastic Four DC.  But how’d you like to feel like a superhero?  Flywheel Dupont has the hookup.  On August 4th, they’ve got a special Fan4stic Flywheel Experience, and you can sign yourself up!  (First come first served, natch.  But once you have your reservation it’s yours, baby.)

Not sure what the Fan4stic Flywheel Experience entails, but if you go and suddenly are able to become invisible, stretch yourself thin, create fire from air, or turn to stone?  Please give me details. ALL THE DETAILS.

Speaking of, head to FLYWHEELSPORTS.COM, create an account, and then e-mail your username to FANTAS_TORQ4@YAHOO.COM.  Boom. (And btw, fants-torq4. Awesome.  I see what they did there.)

Fantastic Four hits area theaters August 7th, 2015.  Now go get your spin on!

Flywheel Fantastic Four Dupont


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