GoodReads Review: Hilary Liftin, Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper

Think you’re lazy?  How’s about posting your GoodReads 411 as a real review?  That’s what I’m doing here.  Feel better now? Thought you did.

Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper

Nutshell: finished this book in two days.  Could have finished it in an afternoon, but there was a beer festival and the resultant post-Fest day of rest…well, you know how it is.  Liftin obviously knows her way around ghostwriting, if this first novel is any indication.  Movie Star feels like a peek behind the curtain, and Lizzie is a character I loved peeking with. Grade: A

There’s a reason this book is on so many Summer Must Read lists. It’s an addictive page turner. All the salacious gossip, without the fear of taking advantage of someone’s real life.

Liftin does a great job outlining the interest, attraction, commitment and crumbling of love, all under the harsh gaze of paparazzi and a too-good-to-be-true “self help” system. Yes, it has the whiff of certain celebrity breakups, but this quick, fun read stands well as its own tale.

A perfect at the beach, on vacation, or cozy weekend read.

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