@BronyCon 2015: Friday findings


Definitely some fantastic cosplay to be had this year…

I survived the Brony Bar Trot (more on that awesomeness later), and headed out first thing in the morning to get a few things done before the ‘con.  So now I can see noises y’all.  But I’m not too tired to wrap today up…or at least what I got to see today.  (I’m still ticked that I’m too much of a baby to stay up late enough to head to check out “Neigh Neigh, Don’t Tell Me!” and the badfic event “Hoof of Argon”.  Why must I need sleep?)

Here goes…

* The “Master Class in Acting Disguised as a Really Cool Panel” Award: John de Lancie, for his “Chaos Corner” Q&A.  From describing his favorite Dischord episode Make New Friends but Keep Discord (“…it’s a problem an 8-year-old would have.  It’s a problem an 80-year-old would have…”) to how his characters change him (“what changes me is meeting you all…”), he was a delight.  Would-be actors?  Here’s a JdL protip: “What’s fun about acting is finding that little piece [of you in every part]…finding out I could do that…I’m pretending, but…you have to bring yourself to the part.”

* The “I Wish I Could Have Stayed For The Whole Panel” Award: “Ask-A-Dazzling!”  The ladies cosplaying Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk not only looked the part, they completely inhabited the roles.  They even ate tacos!

* The “Press Status Rocks” Award: all the press conferences.  ALL OF THEM. Seriously.  It’s lovely to hear Someone involved in a show/fandom you love answer Q&A’s in a huge panel, but it’s another thing entirely to be in a small room with a handful of folks and a Someone.  The folks at BronyCon make us press plebes feel at home, and it’s obvious the guests did too.  Or they were nice enough to fake it for the likes of us.  What ended up happening is a real discourse…and lots of joking around.

Today’s Tidbits…

John de Lancie:

re: Dischord’s character arc – “One doesn’t need to get too nice…I hope that in future, and there’s a future coming, that I’ll be naughty again.”

re: shipping Dis & Celestia – “We’ve had some interesting nights…”

G.M. Berrow:GMBerrow

re: her favorite character to write about – Rarity still, and Pinkie Pie because Berrow can make up words for her and that’s perfectly normal for Pinkie.

re: implied crushes – officially they’re not supposed to go there, but “Spike is constantly Friend Zoned.”

“I think that the fact that the show never goes there allows [the fans] to go there.”

20150807_133029Andrea Libman:

re: vocal challenges – she blew out her voice doing FlutterHulk.  It was an in-the-throat manner of voicing the character, and after a few takes her voice went boink.

re: what shows she watches in her down time – House of Cards, The Good Wife, and she’s a longtime fan of The Simpsons.

re: working together as a cast – they’re typically all in the same room, except for Tabitha St. Germain and John de Lancie, who are usually in L.A. (but when she works with de Lancie, she can hear him as she’s acting.)

re: who she’d like to work with that she hasn’t already – Clooney, Streep…(but then again who wouldn’t?)

Gabby-Gums Gossip: Show Writers’ Panel (Charlotte Fullerton, Amy Rogers, Gillian Berrow, and Mitch Larson):

re: how they write MLPFiM eps – there’s a writer’s summit at the start of each season, where they come together.  Then they head home to get the writing done.

re: Rarity and her fainting couch; will she ever use it again? – “Not in the next ep.”

re: Larson’s favorite Hitchcock film – Shadow of a Doubt

re: the idea that Berrow’s character Braze is OC – “He is an OC…because I made him up.”

re: the panel’s favorite pony besides Derpy –

  • Fullerton: Twilight Sparkle
  • Rodgers: Pinkie Pie (to write for)
  • Berrow: Cheese Sandwich
  • Larson: Rarity

re: as Spike turned into a dragon when he passed through the Equestria portal, if Applejack’s pup Wynona passes through, would she become a dragon – [in chorus] “SURE!”

M.A. (Mitch) Larson:20150807_171503

re: writing Pennyroyal Academy, movie script vs. novel series – he wrote the first book and the script in tandem, which he said was extremely rough going, but ultimately helped him with his ability to edit down to the key story points for film and book series.

“You have a fininte number of pages [to work with on a movie or TV episode script]…a book you can write one million pages and nobody cares…[writing a book is] a blank page, infinite possibilities.”

re: Rarity – “Rarity is Frasier…really big ego, but a really big heart…it’s fun to throw rocks at her [to see how she’ll come out of things].  With Fluttershy, you feel bad.”

re: booze advice, from his days as a bartender – “Try a Russian Qualude.” I agree, it sounds delicious.

re: favorite movie? Book? – Watership Down.  Kurt Vonnegut’s stuff.  Though he said that you could get a different answer tomorrow, as there’s so much good stuff out there.

re: outside of MLPFiM, favorite genre he’d like to write for that he hasn’t yet – Film Noir.  (Though I’d absolutely love to see a ponified Shadow of a Doubt.  Wouldn’t you?)

That’s it for tonight everypony.  More pics to come!

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