The movies that make me wish I was at #TIFF2015

tiff 2015 drool listHonestly?  This year’s lineup is spectacular.  I mean awesome.  I basically want to just set down in my Clockwork Orange strap-down chair, grab my eyedrops, and settle in.  But I’m down here.  So I’ll have to wait.  ‘Til these hit the local multiplex, here’s what I’m dreaming about catching at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Mmmmmmovies…

(Click on film titles for trailers/clips!)

The Final Girls: I’ve drooled over this uber-meta horror spoof before. I’m still drooling.

Southbound: by the makers of V/H/S.  ‘Nuff said.

Yakuza Apocalypse: Vampires.  Monsters.  Yakuza.  Knitting.  Takashi Miike.  (CAUTION – RED BAND TRAILER AT HYPERLINK)

Stonewall: Bring out your kleenexes y’all!  And then wring ’em out and wave ’em in triumph.  Yeah, dying to see this biopic about the Stonewall Riots, a major moment in LGBT civil rights.

Spotlight: A film about the child abuse allegations in the Catholic Church.  It’s already getting major buzz, but I’m in it for Michael Keton, Mark Ruffalo and Liev Schreiber.

Our Brand Is Crisis: Yeah yeah yeah, Sandra Bullock nabbed this part even though the character was written for a dude.  I can totally see her as a ballsy political spin doctor.  And I’m pumped.  Icing?  Billy Bob Thornton.

Green Room: A band takes a gig on a white supremacist compound.  Yes, it’s tough making the Benjamins as  musicians.  Oh, and the leader of the skinheads?  Patrick Stewart.

I Saw The Light: Drooled over this film too, but I still can’t wait to see this story. And Hiddleston is nailing it, music-wise.

Room: Yep, another film I’ve talked about.  And this “Kimmy Schmidt In Hell” story has me intrigued.

Beasts of No Nation: Yes, I think Idris Elba is an extraordinarily attractive man.  Duh.  But he’s riveting — and terrifying — as a leader of a band of mercenaries.  And lead Abraham Attah is in his very first movie.  Ever.

Equals: Utopia with a hard edge.  Sign me up!  This is the year Kristen Stewart shushes the haters.  Or at least this should be the year when everyone stops listening to them.

Victoria: A thriller filmed in one take.  ONE TAKE.  An entire movie on one, continuous, unbroken shot.  YES DAMMIT.

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