#BCC2015 Bullet Points: DC’s Batman Day panel! Harley, Grayson…and TMNT?



All this week I’ll be dropping Baltimore Comic-Con knowledge on you.  So let’s get this party started!

2015-09-26 15.41.31 (2)

(L-R) Chase, Snyder, Tynion, Pak, Palmiotti, King

Bobbie Chase, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Tom King got together to talk about all things Bat on Batman’s special day…

  • The panel started things off with a touching tip-of-the-cape to The Route 29 Batman (aka “The Baltimore Batman”), who passed away earlier this year.
  • King, on writing Grayson: “90% of my life is avoiding Dick puns in e-mails…”  To which Palmiotti replied “That’s a lot of Dick…”
  • Look for “Robin War” event starting up in December
  • 10/28: Grayson #13 will be a “riddle issue…what happens next”
  • Harley Quinn: #21 will have a fantastic The Shining riff cover, as everyone’s favorite puddin’ heads to LA to break into prison…  In #22, not only will Harley be back in Coney Island, but Zena will be back!
  • Harley Quinn and Power Girl: #4 will be “the sexiest man in the universe meets the strongest woman in the universe”.  As someone who was dying to find out what went on when Harley and Power Girl skipped dimensions, I can’t wait for this particular story to play out.  And play out it will in #6, with a wedding.  I’ll have to re-read Power Outage after that issue, just for the fun of it.

  • Harley Quinn’s Black Book: did you know Harley was obsessed with Wonder Woman?  Well, she is.  And in Black Book, instead of taking her down, Harley decides to save her…and of course our fruitcake will be channeling the amazon all the way. Palmiotti says “It’s just madness”, and bets folks will dig the “Legion of London Superheroes”.  With names like Pub Crawler, Terrible Tonya and Big Bad Ben?  Sign me up.
  • Batman: For folks who have taken Gordon’s Batman in stride (wait — am I the only one who’s still getting use to the new man-in-suit?), #45 is “where it starts to get really, really crazy”, says Snyder.  While the whole story is relatively short, you start to see the pieces come together from Endgame.  #46 sounds promising, with the re-emergence of Bruce “LumberBruce” Wayne; what would Bruce be like if he were never scarred?  Snyder says it’s a second chance for the character, “here’s your afterlife…here’s your reward.”  But you know that won’t last long.  “It sucks to live in Gotham.”  As far as #50 goes?  No definite plans — or none that he’s ready to share with the class — but everyone’s ready to throw down something worthy of an anniversary issue.
  • Batman & Robin Eternal: “Bruce…he doesn’t remember he’s Batman”…and then Grayson comes along.  The panel says that this is some of the best art from Tony Daniels in years, so get your eyeparts ready y’all.
  • Turtles?  Yep: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming to Gotham.  Not a typo.  In a 6-issue crossover with JDW, Shredder and the Foot Clan will be coming to Gotham.  Let’s just say Batman Is Not Pleased.  Freddie E. Williams II will be doing the artsy honors.
  • Batman/Superman: There’s a new Batman, and there’s a new kind of Superman.  So 10/14’s release of #25 is a great jump-in point for new readers, and a cool new arc for current fans.  Batgirl will be trying to help Superman because “she thinks he needs it.”  Who’da thought we’d see the day when the Man of Steel needs help?
  • “Robin War”: ALL THE CROSSOVERS.  Gotham’s December event will draw in “12 or so” titles to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Robin.  There’ll be a weekly crossover, so no sitting around waiting to see what title will bring the next tasty tidbit, and when.  Oh, and it may feature the Court of Owls…. With “Robin War”, Snyder and Tynion will try to “wake you up” if you’re tired of crossovers.
  • Snyder, on GordonBat: “if the superhero is gone, can we rise to the occasion?”  This new Batman is an interesting look at “how certain people deal with intractable problems.”
  • Snyder, on Mr. Bloom:  while the Joker can never have an origin story “encompass him”, what’s truly terrifying about Bloom is “anyone can become him”.  And as Gordon changes Batman into someone who wants to work with people, Mr. Bloom is there to say “none of this works…so come to the end of the alley…”
  • On keeping things up to a certain standard: Pak says he “never cared…I love the new Aquaman look!”  (So do I, sir.  So do I.)  Palmiotti says “it’s exciting to see” what each new actor/creator brings to a role/character, while Tynion is “always excited to see a new take” on a favorite charater.
  • Snyder sums up the creative process and the way charaters and/or stories change nicely; “if you’re not writing for yourself” (to see what you’d like to see/write what you’d like to read), you should just step aside and let someone else do it.  “You have to go where you’re most afraid”, and explore it “to the best of your ability…the wonder and the terror.”

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