#31in31 Bonus: M&M/Strange Kids Club Netflix Horror Movie Challenge!

UPDATE: M&M/SKC has updated their calendar to reflect the films Netflix has removed as of 10/1.  The one here is the updated version. Enjoy!

It’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeear…  Yes kiddies, it’s October-eve!  Yaaaaay!  Pumpkin everything, a chill in the air…and plenty of scary to gear up for Halloween.

As always, I’ll be doing my usual 31 in 31, but with a twist.  I’ll be throwing in a few comic books, booky-books, and other things during the month.  Keeping our relationship fresh, dearies.

But if you’re into hitting up a horror challenge of your own, may I suggest the Netflix Horror Movie Challenge by Monsters & Metal and Strange Kids Club?  What is it?  Well, they’ve been nice enough to provide a calendar filled with ghoulish delight.  Crank up your Netflix and don’t chill.  Creep out instead.  (You can always chill later…)

Here ’tis, boys and ghouls.  Lemme know if you decide to join in on the fun!  I’ll be noting 31 in 31 posts that follow this challenge, but there are several on the list I’ve already covered in years past:

Odd Thomas

So I won’t be covering those.  But don’t let that stop you from watching ’em this year!  Heck, I may re-watch ’em Halloween night, just for fun.

Here’s the full calendar; thanks to Decapitated Dan at Monsters & Metal, and the folks at Strange Kids Club for doing all the hard work on this.  Happy Halloween Month!


Clicky for the full-sized calendar!


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