31 in 31: “Monster Science” on YouTube

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And now, a break from our usual 31 in 31 reviews.  Behold — monsters!  MONSTERS!

I’m a huge sucker for podcasts.  So of course I’m addicted to How Stuff Works.  But the guys that discuss all the things also get a little spooky; Monster Science is a group of videos that digs into the horrific and shows the science behind it all.  Be it true facts about our favorite monsters, or riffing on a genre favorite to get their science on, it’s a scream.

With titles like “Halloween’s Dormant Killer”, “Tentacles of Cthulhu”, and “Sex and Death: The Science of Jason Voorhees”, there’s sure to be an ep you’re dying to sink your fangs into.  I know I’ll be re-watching ’em this Halloween Month.  So check ’em out…IF YOU DARE. *cue creepy laughter*

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