#31in31: WaPo’s “Where to live if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse”

31 in 31 logoAnd now for something completely different: zombie prep!
WaPo Zombie Survivability

East Coast, we’re screwed. (Graphic: Christopher Ingraham/The Washington Post)

It’s one thing to think you’re prepared.  But all that prep isn’t gonna do squat for you if you’re in city-central when the zombie apocalypse (Zombalypse?) hits.  So in its effort to be all things to everyone, The Washington Post wrote a piece on the safest places to be if the dead start to shufflin’.  And it’s actually pretty cool.*

Though the image above shows the east coast and most major cities as Zombie Central, heading over to the original piece gives you the ability to choose things that are the most important to you:

  • Population Density
  • Access to guns
  • Veteran population
  • Landscape features
  • Access to bodies of water

G’head, play with it!  Christopher Ingraham is a genius.  GENIUS I SAY.

Ingraham’s article also has links to cool stuff like Cornell’s research model of a zombie outbreak — with further details on that bit(e) of interactive coolness — as well as scads of info on the items he decided were integral to surviving a Zombalypse.  Yeah, that word is growing on me.

Wanna see my particular chart?  Here you go:
WaPo Zombie Survivability my pics

Low population density: obviously important; less humans = less shufflers.

Access to guns: not so much of a high point for me.  I’m a crossbow/hammer gal.

People with military experience: a double-edged sword; they could help, or they could subjugate, depending on the type of folks said vets are.  So I left it low.

Terrain that’s difficult for zombies to scale: MOS DEF.  Though getting yourself & supplies back-n-forth would be tough.  So I’d try for someplace tough to get to, but still has the ability to grow things.  Places that can support fruit trees and grape vines especially welcome.  Hello, gardentime!

Access to bodies of water: not so important, unless we’re talking fresh, potable water.  Then very important.  (Unless the water supply is tainted.  Then we’re all screwed anyway.)

So…if anyone needs me once the shuffling begins?  I’ma be in Montana.  How about you?

*Okay, you know the zombie apocalypse isn’t gonna happen, right?  Breathe.

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