Nutshell Review: Bridge of Spies

bridge of spies onesheet Bridge of Spies is just like the other Hanks/Spielberg joints; a feel-good film dressed in historical detail and accuracy.  While folks that didn’t live through the late 50s/early 60s Berlin conflict may find the start of the film a bit rushed, Bridge soon finds its footing and becomes a stellar performance-driven film.

Are things tidied up a bit too nicely at the end, as Spielberg is wont to do?  Oh, that’d be spoilers, darling.  But let’s just say that there’s enough true-life feel throughout the tale to keep things believable, with a touch of humor to keep things from feeling too bleak.  And the ever-likeable Hanks manages to do the impossible; make an insurance lawyer look like one of the good guys.  Grade: A-

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