#31in31: Maddox and Beistel’s “The Horror Show”

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And now for a spooky tale… Since this is a comic book, I’ll go with my usual Off The Shelf system.  Enjoy!
Oct 23 The Horror Show

Nutshell: Back in 2013 I wished for more than 17 pages of this story. They delivered.  And I couldn’t be more horrified happier.  Gore, groovy mythology, and even a touch of gravitas, all in a slim 78 pages.  If this is how Maddox and Beistel deliver the goods, I wanna chain them in my basement and have them crank out more hair-raising, terrific tales.  That’s legal, right?  Grade: A

Story: Ever head to a cabin in the woods with your BFF?  Well, make sure said friend knows you’re not up for surprises…and better see if he’s up for one too.  Or the whole thing’ll go to hell.

Best Line(s):  “You’re not a monster?”  “No, I’m an actor.”

Thoughts: The Horror Show #1 really amped up the game with its ability to take a Twilight Zone/EC riff and make it a whole lotta modern-day fun.  The subsequent issues build on that.  I’m torn between talking about the amazing way Maddox takes this story and twists it into delightfully creepy (and gory) directions, and just letting you discover ’em for yourself.  So why don’t I simply say this; there’s an interesting mythology here, and one I’d like to see even more of.  Cue inviso-text because Spoilers Darling: perhaps there’ll be a sequel once Tom’s son grows up?  One can hope…

Then there’s the goodies, including a cover gallery, a script-to-page section, and interview with the creators by my fellow Ghastly Awards judge Decapitated Dan. It’s a nice package that gives insight into the creation of this story, and who can turn down looking at more of that amazing art?

Subscribe or Shelve: This story is wrapped up (at least for now…?) But you can head to Comixology to check it out, or just grab the gorgeous trade — including an incredible cover by Mark Kidwell and Justin Stewart.  I cheated and grabbed mine at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con.  But do your thing your way.

Publication 411: Collects episodes #1-3 of The Horror Show.

[NOTE: While I received a copy of #1 for my work with Comic Related, I bought the TPB with my hard-earned.  The first issue freebie didn’t affect my review.  But I now hesitate to plan cabin weekends with my friends, Necronomicon or no Necronomicon.]

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