Rating the new Doctor Who outfits from Hot Topic

Thanks for the heads-up on Hot Topic’s new line of Doctor Who clothing bits for girlies coming this Friday, EW!  Now I know what to add to my holiday wish list…and what to walk past even when it hits the clearance section.

Because I’m lazy?  Let’s just crib from their pics.  And hit up their article for the full deets.  Right now it’s all about feelings.  My feelings.  Let’s roll – and clicky on the pics for the full high-res image! [ALL IMAGES: HOT TOPIC]

Who Topic doctor-who-fair-isle-cardiganDoctor Who Fair Isle Cardigan:  looking for that Ugly Holiday Sweater Party winner?  Oh yeah, baby.  Here ’tis.  The Weeping Angels make this cardi scream “top this, motherfuckers”.  I actually love it, though.  Can’t help it; I’m a sucker for a shawl collar.  This one?  Keep.  For years.  And then still scream when family says it’s time to let go.

Grade: B for bombastic enough to roll right around to cool again.  To be seen at next year’s Awesome Con, because those are morgue room temps there, y’all.


Who Topic Doctor-Who-TARDIS-Coat_View-2Doctor Who TARDIS Coat: This is a nice one, gotta admit.  A touch of steampunk at the collar, and that lining.  For fannish ones like me who like to show brief flashes of geek, rather than going full on.  (I can’t pull off full 0n.  There, I said it.  Though hope springs that one day I’ll be allowed to try on a full Stormtrooper outfit…)

Grade: A for Artsy without being fartsy.  I’m hoping the stitching and fabrics used will let this coat hold up for more than a season.


Who Topic Regeneration-DressDoctor Who Regeneration Dress: I’m really digging the almost-Tenth Doctor vibe here.  Can’t quite make out the exact pattern, but I’m fine with that.  The browns are nice…and I’m not just saying that because earth tones work well for me.  (Okay, I’m kinda saying it because of that.)  Bonus points for the underlayer.  I like layers.

Grade: C for Can’t wait to see this IRL.  This could be gorgeous, and a perfect fit for summer ‘cons.  Or it could be meh, depending on pattern and fabrics.


Who Topic Doctor-Who-Eleventh-Doctor-DressDoctor Who Eleventh Doctor Dress: BY THE HIGH COUNCIL WHY???  I guess we’ve all wanted to dress like Slutty Eleventh Doctor?  Yes, the bowtie is cute.  But it’s just too…corset-y.  Too spaghetti-strap-y.  Too little, and yet too much.  A cute shirtwaist dress would have been amazing here.  Opportunity, wasted.  Well, I guess I could use it to scrub fish fingers and custard off my dinner plates…

Grade: F for FFS.


Who Topic Doctor-Who-Fourth-Doctor-CardiganDoctor Who Fourth Doctor Cardigan: I.  Love.  This.  I especially love how they’ve styled it, with a shirtdress and boots.  And hey — Hot Topic is showing pre-Moffat Who some love!  Respect.

Yes, it’s not a scarf.  But you can buy Baker scarves every freakin’ place.  So this cardi is a nice switcheroo on the ol’ multicolor.  Still not forgiven for the Eleventh Doctor Dress, Topic.  But I’m warming to you again.

Grade: A for all the colors.


Who Topic Doctor-Who-Galaxy-TARDIS-DressDoctor Who TARDIS Dress:  With a Peter Pan collar — as a shout-out to companion Clara, perhaps? — this looks like a fun dress.  I wish the dress was a bit longer though, because who wouldn’t want to give a TARDIS dress a good spin?  (Humming the Doctor Who theme optional, but c’mon.)  An extra inch or two would give better swoosh.  But wearing this with boots keeps the length in a nice proportion.  Converse for springtime, naturally.

Grade: B for brilliant pattern choice.  Extra points for a dress gals can easily hide a bra under.  Because we all know that ladies delicates are always bigger on the inside.



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