“What’s it like to attend a con?” – Awesome Con Friday Thoughts

AwesomeCon Logo 2015Ever wonder what’s going on in the head of someone who’s supposed to be hitting a convention for “work”?  Well, I figured instead of busting it to make every panel – don’t worry, I’ll be posting what I go through to do that when I cover BronyCon later this year – I figured I’d post about what it’s like to hit a big convention.  So onward, to my mind’s eye during Awesome Con’s first day!  You have been warned.

[NOTE: these thoughts are in chronological order, from approximately noon to 10pm.  I was going to jot down the exact time, but figured that’d cramp my thought process.  Thinking is hard.]

* hooray! At Silver Spring! Let’s do this!

* finally on the metro. Whose brilliant idea was it to bring two bags rather than one wheelie?

* Why does it seem longer to walk everywhere this year? Oh yeah – different part of the Center, and also two bags.

* “Here’s your badge, and your tshirt!”
‘Um, I already have a badge. You can have this back.’
guy looks at me as if I’m a complete git
I’m an idiot

*BB8 is here!  BB8 is here!  Picture a must.me and bb8 awesome con

* DC50 is here!  With swag…I’ma need a Flash t-shirt.  THANK YOU, DC50.

* Aaaand another tank and tshirt from Jordandené, my favorite seller from last year. “Kylo Ren is a Punk Bitch” needs to be on my body today.

* Circulator to the hotel! Yaaaaay!

* walking to the hotel. Boo. I’m lost. It’s sad that I know nothing about the Foggy Bottom area. Man, I’d rather live in my car for the weekend than schlep bags around the con ever again. Sunday? Dropping off the bags eeeearly before I hit the panels. Worth the metro trip.

* Free Awesome Con variant cover Batman Rebirth! WOOT! I should stay in and read this rather than head back. No. Go back. Panels you want to attend. Also, there’s no booze in my room. YET.

* puts on Kylo Ren tshirt

* free donut day! I have to hit this Dunkin Donuts. I think it’s the law.

* Aaaaaaand now I’m lost. Headed to the Kennedy Center. Oops. Turn around.

*Circulator stop! I love you, Circulator.

* merch room! Because too late for the science panel I wanted to see! Buy more  things! Now to figure out how the frak to get out of this maze. If there isn’t cheese at the end of this Pavlovian nightmare, I’ma be sad.

* LGBT Responsibility panel was absolutely fantastic. Great discussion, and I came away with a ton of things to watch and read. Groovy!

* One more trip to the merch room.

* Oh damn. 6:45 already? Missed the bulk of The Hero’s Journey. Popping in…

* I want more discussion with the speaker from The Hero’s Journey. Great tips, and I learned a lot in 15 minutes. A LOT. It’d be great chatting with him about various mythologies and tropes in entertainment.

* An hour before the DIY workshop. Then there’s the Game Of Thrones chat after. Should I stay, or should I crash at the room?

* Time to hit Trader Joe’s!

* No corkscrew. Dammit.

* Concierge says ask the bartender to open it for me! Yaaaaay!

* I’ll need to tip that bartender double tomorrow…

* Really need to post today’s thoughts right now.

* Tomorrow it is! *refills wine glass*

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