“What’s it Like?” – Awesome Con: Saturday and Sunday thoughts

AwesomeCon Logo 2015Well, since I was totally wiped on Saturday, with insomnia hitting Saturday night (because of course), here’s a compilation of Saturday and Sunday’s “What’s It Like”!  Tidbits from Matthew Lewis and John Barrowman panels, as well as notes from some smaller discussions coming later today!  Exclamation points for everyone!

What was going on in my head as I headed to, shuffled around, and finally left Awesome Con?  Lemme show you…


* 8:30 am already? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

* CARB HANGOVER. Blergh. It’s what I get for eating nothing but granola, bread, brie and ham (hooray Trader Joe’s) yesterday. I don’t want to see another carb for…a full 20 minutes. I’d kill for a raspberry. Maybe duck out and meet friends for lunch? Indian buffet = all the cucumbers I can eat. And friendship.

* Aaaaaaand my phone charger picks today to start going wonky. Grooooovy.

* Get up get up get UP – engineering is coming to fix it broken TV in 20 minutes. You’re a nightmare naked. Shake a tailfeather.

* walking from 20th & E to 9th & K. Great idea! But I need the exercise after Carb-palooza. Starbucks iced decaf, take me away!

* it’s amazing how many guys on the streets of DC cosplay as douchebags.

* GOOD MORNING CON-GOERS!” – Awesome Con volunteer at the door
– zombie shuffle –  con-goers

* Dear a/c in Hall D,
Marry me. I’m serious.
Love, AFan

* swapped my Jordandené Tyrion tank for a Tyrion shirt! Yaaaaay! But I think the artist thinks I’m stalking her.  But they are my favorite nershirts. [NOTE: that shirt’s brand new and not on their site.  YET.]

* Late to Matthew Lewis – he’s got plenty of great stories! What a sweetheart.  And a thoughtful, talented actor.

*  The #1 dread of any con: the idea that you might have to wee in the middle of a Q&A, and you’re smack in the middle of the aisle.

* Where, oh where, is the cosplay photoshoot area?  Upstairs?  Okay.

* Downstairs, says another staff member?  Fine.

* No: really upstairs.

* DOWNSTAIRS?  Dammit does no-one know what’s going on with the con they work at?

* FINALLY – a staff member who will walk me over to the photoshoot!  Apparently she’s gotten several folks asking her where it is, and she had to check to find out herself.  Bless you, kind lady.

Me, with a kickass Bobby Singer!

Me, with a kickass Bobby Singer!

* My first cosplay photo shoot!  I’m Ellen, from Supernatural.  It’s easy, though with the heat and humidity I’m thinking I should have done this in September.

* YAAAAAY! Seeing friends! Catching up! My friends serve to remind me that I need to up my cosplay game…

* water. My Kingdom for water.

* water achieved!  Onward; to the great Hall D!

* More friends! Barrowman! Killed his entrance with light saber, Vader helmet…and Vader dress.  You’re my hero, Captain Jackie.

*Barrowman was awesome. But if a zombie outbreak hit as everyone tried to make it out of Hall D? We’d all be walkers. #clusterbleep

*I’m out of Hall D! Where the hell am I now? Oh. Bridge between the two con buildings. Got it. Cool!

* The Star Wars theory panel is blowing my mind in the best way. I should stay for the disability panel, but I’m sooo tired.

* yeah, I’m pooped. “the next panel I want to see is in this same room but I want to leave” pooped.

* longest walk to Foggy Bottom EVER.  Screw the extra 7 blocks to Trader Joe’s; it’s Whole Foods on the way to my room, and then a faceplant.  TONIGHT I SHALL FEAST ON RASPBERRIES.

* I’ve never been so glad to get to a destination in all my born days.  Hi room.  I love you.



* Still awake.  4am.  I’m so screwed.  Why insomnia tonight? WHYYYYYY???

* It’s 7am.  Might as well start packing.  I’m so tired it’s Robot Mode anyway.

#protip – no matter how little you’ve packed, always always ALWAYS pack it in a wheelie. You’ll load up on swag, art, merch and other stuff before you realize it.

* So tired. Insomnia, you suck. Home? Yeah, home.

* WAIT. BronyCon has a booth at Awesome Con? Ooh…

* No. TIRED.

* But if I drop my stuff off at the car…

* Aaaaaand back home.  Couldn’t say no once I realized that if I got in the car and turned it on, I could crank the a/c.  Lawds, the humidity.  Decent but cloudy day…it’ll probably rain later.

And apparently it did.  Also too, if I’d tried to stay for the Doctor Who panel with Capaldi and Coleman?  It was postponed from 2 to 4 (or maybe later) according to my friends who stayed.  So I’d have missed the one thing I wanted to see on Sunday, the Villain Psychosis panel.  However, after insomnia night?  Wasn’t gonna stay ’til 4 to see that.  Pity.  I hope they do that panel again.  On a Friday or Saturday.  So I can actually get to it.

So there you have it; what goes on inside the mind of a seasoned con-goer when she goes con-ing by herself.  TADA!

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