Off the Shelf: Aliens/Vampirella (hardcover collection)

aliens vampirella coverStory: Humans on Mars!  The first colony of sunlight dwellers make their mark on Mars.  Perhaps too much of a mark.  In digging down into the red soil, they happened upon an underground city that used to be inhabited by Nosferatu.  Vampirella visits the station to investigate, and lend assistance if necessary.  But things seem to be quiet.  Too quiet.  Hey, what are those leathery pods?  Are they hatching?  Maybe you picked a bad time to help out a space-station, Vampi…

Best Line: “But I don’t want to be a creature of the night!”

Thoughts: This might be my favorite horror mash-up yet.  Beautiful art, drop-dead gorgeous colors, and a story that actually makes sense.  With Corinna Sara Bechko’s story, I could see how Vampi and the Xenomorphs would meet, and it’s totally believable. And even though this is only a six issue mini, there’s a level of characterization that many long-running series could definitely be jealous of.  Actually, should really, really be jealous of.  Bechko also weaves in prejudices and the fear of Other, how individuals deal with death (particularly their own imminent demise), and the lengths people will go to protect their own.  All the while avoiding the typical “why’d you do that?” idiocy so many horror stories tend to grab at with both hands.

Javier Garcia-Miranda’s art is simply spectacular, with cover-worthy panels on every page.  As far as our beloved heroine, he does Vampirella proud; there’s a keen intellect – and a smokin’ hot bod, naturally – that even a sub-zero spacesuit can’t hide.  And his Xenomorphs are dynamic, constantly shifting things that leap off the page.  Well, not literally.  That’d be really bad news all around.  Speaking of bad news (at least for some of the characters in this story), the gore is wonderful.  Not too much, but when it’s needed?  It’s crazy and amazing.  Wanna know what happens after a Chest-burster slithers out of…well, maybe you just need to see it.  Yeah, yeah you do.

While it’s sad that this wrapped up in six issues, it’s a glorious, gory ride.  And I loved every second of it.

Subscribe or Shelve:  As this is a six-issue miniseries, subscribing isn’t in the cards.  Sadly.  But definitely add this to your shelf if you’re a fan of Vampi, face-huggers, or just well crafted horror comics.

Publication 411: Collects issues #1-6 of Aliens/Vampirella.  Hits stores July 27, 2016 (though NetGalley has the publication date of August 6th, 2016.  So check with your local comic book shop…or just ask them to pull it for you.)

[NOTE: I received a copy of this title thanks to the graciousness of Netgalley and Dynamite.  I received no compensation, not even a cute little leathery pod.  Probably for the best.]





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