Blu-ray Giveaway: “Welcome to Monster High”!

image002Y’all know I’m crazy for ponies.  But I dig animation in general, don’cha know. So when I was asked if I wanted to give away Blu-ray copies of Welcome to Monster High?  I didn’t hesitate. Of course I do! Especially since the release date for these babies is September 27th; just before October, otherwise known a The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

New to this story, but think it might be up your cauldron? Synopsis!

Monsters once lived in hiding—even from each other—because they were afraid they would be in danger if humans knew they existed. But Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula, along with her best ghoulfriends, dreamt of a school where everyone was welcome and accepted for who they are. Determined to make their dream come true, the ghouls travel the world on an epic adventure to recruit new students. But even in this amazing place, there’s drama: a villainess zombie is spreading trouble rather than friendship, and every student must live with the fear that their secret will be revealed. Now the ghouls must save their school so that every monster has a place where they belong and their uniqueness is celebrated!

Sounds absolutely GHOUL-lightful, right?

What: Blu-ray copies of Welcome to Monster High!

Why: Because monsters are cool, of course.

How: It’s a giveaway!  So of course I’ll be mailing these out.  Which means email time!  Send me an email at with the subject line “WHAT’S BETTER: TRICKS OR TREATS?“, and then answer that in the body of your email.  Include your name and mailing address; you can’t win without it.

Deadline for entries is Friday, September 23rd, 2016. What a perfect way to start Fall, right?


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