Monday Linkdump

This one’s short because it’s a damn holiday.


Image via Nerdist

From Nerdist, USPS is coming out with Wonder Woman stamps. YISSSSSSSS.

In case you missed it (HOW), Lin-Manuel hosted SNL this past Saturday and murdered the opening monologue. (Ok, I didn’t watch the whole show – did they ever use Jesus and that llama you see in the background?)

Speaking of New York, at NYCC the BBC aired a first look at the Dr. Who Christmas ep. Getting a headache, I’m so excited.

Brit & Co. has a bunch of suggestions of nail art you can rock for Halloween and I could accomplish exactly zero of these designs.

They also have a post about HP makeup sets. I mean, ok.

Ijeoma Oluo has written the seminal piece on Birth of a Nation. This is the best thing I have ever read on the subject, and y’all know I’ve been looking.

Via Go Fug Yourself, Elle’s got the scoop on some Golden Girls action figures.

Also via GFY, Pajiba has a list of creepy podcasts eps I will not be listening to, thank you very much.

Has everyone seen the video of Stephen Colbert watching Trump talk about grabbing women’s pussies? Because he looks like he’s watching a snuff film. (I mean, it kind of is.)




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