Sneak Peek: 15 Minutes of “Doctor Strange” unlocked the Multiverse

doctor-strange-imax-preview-poster“It sounds like you’re in a cult.”

Last night, I was lucky enough to check out 15 minutes of advance footage from Marvel’s Doctor Strange.  And while all of the Inception-esque special effects that have been trotted out in the trailers are definitely amazing, the real jaw-droppers are only just being hinted at.  Looks like the crazy, psychedelic, multiverse that Steve Ditko first created when he brought Dr. Stephen Strange into the Marvel world is gonna be represented, loud and proud.  Seriously; there are scenes that look like panels straight out of the comics.  That’s a really good thing, y’all.

Plus, we got to see the Eye of Agamotto open (and yes, that could quite possibly be the Time Stone, for folks looking for Infinity Wars tie-ins), and watch as Strange traveled from ‘verse to ‘verse to ‘verse…including one that was all hands.  LITERALLY.

There was also a deeper look at Mads Mikkelsen’s baddie, Kaecilius, including scenes where his eyes don’t have that creepy burned-out look to them.  Here’s hoping Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., with their current ghostly storyline hinting at Darkhold…notice how the ghosts and Kaecilius have those same burned-out eyes?  I’m betting that’s not a coinkidink.

We also get to see Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, who could become a version of Night Nurse in the MCU. (Of course, Rosario Dawson is Clair Temple, a nurse with many of the same attributes, over at the MNetflixU.) And oh yeah, we got a peek at Stan the Man’s cameo.  It’ll be an obvious one this go-round – it’s during a particularly impressive chase between Strange, Baron Mordo, and Kaecilius – and one that’ll have folks chuckling.

tl;dr: holy COW, that 15 minutes was impressive.  Here’s the “Universes Within” featurette, that’ll give you a taste…

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